WoW 2.0.1 Patch lag fix

At least some people are experiencing abnormally long logons, with other characters appearing naked until gear loads, and showing with ‘unknown’ name tags above their heads. Apparently Blizzard broke asset cacheing, but it can be re-enabled by following these instructions:

Oooh interesting. I’ve noticed for some time now that the client seems to bog down in crowded areas on my home machine, and I was attributing it mostly to immature Vista drivers (combined with the fact that I mostly play in a window). Now I’m left wondering if my client isn’t caching a lot of player/equipment/item data that it should be. I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

That’s a super-easy fix. Just add a /WDB/ folder in the Cache folder, and the client will take care of the rest. Looks like a weird oversight in the patching/testing process.

The last time I went in IF I got disconnected all at once. And then disconnected five times in a row right five seconds after logging in.

I hope this won’t become the norm.

BGs were a major lag-fest tonite, sometimes unplayable.