WoW: 60 Hunter LFG!

Not sure if there’s been a thread about this, and it looks like the Drop Bears folded, but I recently re-started playing WoW after an 18 month hiatus, in preparation for the expansion.

My old guild on Uther disbanded and it seems impossible to get into pickup groups (Horde). Anyone got a good high-level guild that’s looking for a 60 Orc Hunter? I don’t play a ton, but I would like to be able to get groups on the weekends when I do.

Drop Bears hasn’t folded; it’s just not super active. We had a nice ZG run the other night.

Are you guys Horde or Alliance?


Both. Bear Drops is the Horde side…also not very active atm. Only 3 or 4 on consistantly.

Pickup groups are a bit hard if you’re not a heal bitch or a tank. The other slots fill fast. Also, the expansion has essentially devalued anything you can get in the level 60 dungeons so there isn’t as much interest in running them now. It’s sort of limbo time for level 60s at the moment.

I was chatting with an old guildie who’s in the beta and he has a full set of tier 2 gear. He was telling me that in the beta it’s surpassed by greens at level 63 onward.

My warrior is 66 in the beta now and is still wearing some of his raid gear. I’ve upgraded a few pieces through instances and quests, and I’m sure I could upgrade more with some dungeon grinding, but I’ve yet to replace any of my gear with BoE greens, which are more around ZG-ish levels.

The people who are going to benefit the most are 60’s who have never raided – they’re going to close the gap with Tier 2 folk in a hurry just by cranking out quests in Hellfire Peninsula and running Hellfire Citadel (the first instance in Outland), which is pretty easy.

I just transferred my 60 human mage (Zauberette) over to Moonrunner and joined the Drop Bears. They have really sped up the transfer process, took less than an hour to be processed. Also, the cooldown is only three months now instead of six on moving again.

Sluggo, how long did it take you to get to 66 and how long do you think it will take to get to 70, on average?

The levelling process is super fast in the beta, so that might not be reliable info - they want people to get to the high level stuff fast.

I just hope they put rest back in for the 60-70 leveling. I have alts I want to level too and I was just going to play them once or twice a week, long enough to burn through the rest XP, while I focused on one character.

Are you sure?

I’ve read the exact opposite. They removed rest exp and I’ve read that it takes about twelve hours to go from 60 to 61. Considering how the exp requirements scale up it’s fair to assume it will take around 200 hours to go from 60 to 70, which is more than eight days played. More or less what you need to go from 1 to 60.

By the way, considering that it’s the end of October and they still haven’t raised the level cap to 70 I’m starting to doubt that we’ll see the expansion within this year…

Rest XP seems to be back in the beta now. It might be temporary to help with leveling, but it is there again.

I’m wondering about the release of BC this year too. OTOH, I suspect the content is all in but is still being polished and balanced before being released to the beta players. If it was any other company, we’d probably be seeing it released in the next few weeks. With Blizzard, who knows?

Tranq, I’m not sure how leveling will play out in the end. I’m not even convinced Blizzard knows yet. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • Most of my leveling has been done without rest XP – it was gone for a while and just came back last week.

  • The XP requirements steepen sharply in the beta. In the current game, it takes 209800 XP to go from 59-60. In the beta, 60 -> 61 requires 415500. 66 -> 67 requires 621700 (where do they get these numbers, anyway?)

  • With full rest XP, I hit 61 in about 5 hours. After that, I’ve averaged around 8-12 hours a level.

  • With rest XP, I’m getting about 1000XP a kill. Without, I’m getting around 500. This seems generous compared to the live game; Blizzard has said this is accelerated for beta and will be curbed for live.

  • With the exception of some elite quests in and out of dungeons, I’ve fully cleared all the quests in all four active zones in the beta. There are a LOT of quests to keep people busy (most give 7000-9000 XP so far). I think this is the reason people are leveling quickly – you go out, do 6 quests at once, come back, and you’ve knocked off a chunk of XP. It’s like every zone is STV on steroids.

  • For anyone who doesn’t know, the beta is currently capped at 67. I can assume this is because they haven’t opened a few zones and want people testing it at the proper levels.

As for launch – I have seen massive changes in the expansion since the alpha started. I would expect the remaining Outland zones to open for testing in the next few weeks (there are seven altogether, I believe), and the expansion to release sometime at the end of November / beginning of December.

Thanks for the roundup sluggo. Sounds like it’ll take ages when they nerf the xp gains.

I’ve always heard that they expected 60-70 to take about as long as 0-60. That sounds like a long time, but really, if there’s fun stuff to do along the way (and all the 5 man dungeons sound good, at least in terms of time investment) then I don’t care a whole lot. I don’t see the point in rushing as fast as possible to get to 70 so you can sit around and complain yet again that “there’s nothing to do.”

But I’m weird that way.

I feel the same way, Charltan. It really just depends on how the leveling feels. If it’s sitting at a camp of mobs and bashing them over and over, we’ll be unhappy. If there are plenty of quests to do and some nice quest rewards, leveling will be fine.

Still, I’d reroll on a true PvP server with XP for killing players. That’s how I really want to level.

At the pace I’m going, mostly without the benefit of rest XP, I imagine it will eventually take me 5-6 days /played to hit 70. With XP nerfed but rest XP factored in, I imagine you’ll see times from 5-12 days.

The important things to me, however, are (a) the zones are jammed with lots of interesting questlines, and (b) the dungeons I’ve done so far are pretty quick affairs, compared to the Scholos and BRDs of the current world, which is a nice improvement. It’s been pretty entertaining so far.

“…the dungeons I’ve done so far are pretty quick affairs, compared to the Scholos and BRDs of the current world, which is a nice improvement.”

This is why I think the level 70 raid dungeons will also be shorter than the current raid dungeons. I think Blizzard is sensitive to players complaining about lengthy raids.

Yeah, I don’t care how long it takes to get from 60-70 (or from 1-60) as long as it’s spent doing quests/instances with a point and not “Well, there were 25 quests for your level/range, but that only accounts for 40% of the XP you need to level. Sit at this spawn point for green mobs and grind away, sucker!”