[WoW] Aldor or Scryer?

My main has just reached the point where I choose a faction in Shat, and I’m trying to make a decision, so I’m coming to you nerds here for help.

He’s a Druid Herb/Alc, so I’m tempted by the Scryer Alc recipe. However, a friend of mine says that at 70, grinding rep is your new leveling, and doing Scryer rep is a bitch, since it only drops from BElfs while Aldor get theirs pretty much everywhere from demons. He recommended Aldor to me since I’m more a casual player than a hardcore one.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Did anything change now that the sunwell is around and there are a lot more BElfs to kill?

Neither faction is any harder to rep up in. Make your choice based on the shoulder inscriptions and the Exalted epics.

I’m in the middle of respec’ing from Scryer to Aldor because I want the better spriest shoulder inscription. ;(

What spec druid are you?

If you’re feral or moonkin, go scryer. If you’re resto, go aldor.

Eh, belfs aren’t any harder to grind than demons. And I’d even disagree with Aaron about the exalted epics; they’re pretty shit these days with the post-launch gear inflation going on in TBC. By the time you grind them out, you’ll almost certainly have access to better gear via crafting or dungeons or PvP. The shoulder inscriptions are the only real difference that I can tell.

If you’re a dps caster, the scyer’s bloodgem is an excellent trinket that lasts a long time.

Comparison of Aldor and Scryer rewards

This may help:

yeah, that WoWWiki link is pretty much the definitive resouce for this decision.

The shoulder enchants should be the major deciding factor. IIRC, Aldor inscriptions have more Attack Power, Spell Damage, +Healing, while Scryer inscriptions sacrifice a bit of that for more crit rating.

Frankly even the shoulder enchants aren’t different enough to warrant a whole lot of deliberation. They all have the same stat allocation budget, and although some of them are slightly better than the alternative, the differences are extremely small. You’ll really never notice that you had that 11 extra healing, but was missing that 2 mana every 5 or whatever. I’d pick based on which recipes you want. If you’re not a crafter just pick Scryer, because you can jump off of their terrace without dying.


If you’re a Priest, you should go Aldor.

Otherwise, you end up like me; farming Dreadfang Venom Sacs off the AH every time you drop by a city for months to respec.

If you think months of grinding is worth 6 more spell damage you’re insane.

How does hitting the AH every time I’m in a city equal grinding?

Well, they aren’t free are they? I guess with how trivial money is to acquire now it’s not that big a deal, but still, you’re going to turn 1300 of those, plus all the rest of the rep shit (because that will only get you to neutral) for…6 more spell damage.

The jumping down part saves a lot of time in the long run. The difference in shoulder enchants is more profound at the first level of them, where they have only one stat, but even the big ones matter when you’re trying for that last one percent of performance.

There are a couple items these factions sell which can help particular classes as they gear up. The Aldor plate chest is nice for a new tank, but so are the Scryer gloves. You can buy Felsteel Gloves in the AH though, so Aldor might be a little better for starting tanks if you can’t get a blue chest piece to drop. Neither will matter for long, though.

I used to tell tailors to consider the types of spell thread patterns sold, but that’s pretty irrelevant with Primal Nether being unbound now.

I’m feral for leveling, but likely to respec resto because our little group has a warrior for tanking already, and apparently resto is much in demand.

The reason given for why Aldor is easier is that demons are everywhere, whereas apparently BElfs are only in certain areas/instances. Did the new island change that in 2.4?

This is total BS. BElfs are everywhere just like Demons are, and all three TK instances are chock full of BElfs whereas only really Shadow Labs is chock full of demons.

Then there’s Netherstorm (tons of BElfs) and Shadowmoon Valley (tons of BElfs). And the new island (tons of BElfs).

And finally, on any server, you can trade people 1-1 Aldor <–> Scryer rep items.

Well, they aren’t free are they? I guess with how trivial money is to acquire now it’s not that big a deal, but still, you’re going to turn 1300 of those, plus all the rest of the rep shit (because that will only get you to neutral) for…6 more spell damage.

Gold is for the spending; I already have my epic mount and every enchanting/tailoring non-BoP recipe in the game, and I only do dailies for rep anyway. What else am I going to spend my gold on, buying epic gems when I can get them for badges / free from my Guild?

Besides, it’s only a couple thousand gold total to respec from Exalted Scryers to Exalted Aldor. :)

Gold is still time or is it time is gold? As easy as it is to make gold, it still takes an hour or two to knock out the dailies. Most people don’t play much more than a few hours a day.

What class do you play? I found the scryers to be easiest to grind, especially as prot paladin at BT.