WoW - All Female Gnome Rogue Guild

A few friends and I are seriously considering creating an all female gnome rogue guild. Just wondering if there would be any interest in joining? :) Server to be determined.

On a side note, does anyone play on Thunderlord?

Well, just be prepared, if you write a recruitment macro and put it in city chat, to have people say “ha ha n00b how are you going to raid with 40 rogues???” Of course if you are a casual guild that doesn’t matter… just be ready for it.

To address Gordon’s hypothetical situation, make it a guild of 39 gnome rogues and a human priest. It’ll be funny when you take guild screenshots.

(PS: I’ll make a character when I get my graphics card working again, if this is still alive. :P)

So by “all female” do you mean the toons have to be all female or the players have to be all female?

— Alan

All the players have to be female and gnomes.



Actually a Nelf druid would make it even funnier and she’d be able to accompany you and heal/res on stealth instance runs.

We had a guild of female Undead Rogues - the guild was called Sisters Against Paladins (S.A.P.) - and yes, we did gank paladins on sight.

Later on we added some female druids for stealth amusement and instance runs.

I’m in if it’s a PvP server.

I think Rywill is on Thunderlord

I’m Gnome Chomsky! :p

Female gnomies rule. :)

Waiting for it…


“Gnome Chomsky”. Well done. :)

I’m in.

I like the mental picture of 39 female gnome rogues with one nelf druid cruising along together, it would like like a preschool field trip :)

Back when one of the first new PvE servers came up, I joined a group of all NE Rogue female toons. I think the guild name was something like Black Lotus. I’m not typically a big fan of the cool-factor of night elves, but when you had a large group of night elf women unstealth all around you, it was pretty slick to see.

If you guys pick a server, I’m game. I haven’t played in about 3 months, but my sub is still paid up, and I’m just bored of the game. This might put an interesting twist on things…

Someone on my server started an all-female rogue guild named “Slits”. Blizzard squashed them within a week.

There’s a guild on Mal’Ganis named Giant Censored Robots. A year ago they were Giant Communist Robots.

If you want to steal a pun from Terry Pratchett, you could call yourselves The Agony Aunts.