WoW and Mage Talents

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I don’t plan on picking up the expansion. :)

I know, I know, why play WoW and not pick up the expansion? Silly me. Maybe when I actually hit a high enough level that there’s a point.

I would say that the only reason to play a Nelf priest is if you have a thing for elves. Their racials suxor. There’s only two priest races: Undead and Dwarf.

Yeah but to be honest, it’s not like you don’t see plenty of human, nelf, and troll priests with crazy gear that they obviously got in a raiding guild. I don’t think having poor racials is the catastrophe some make it out to be. If you like the ass and/or mount that much, go for it imo.

Ya, not a catastrophe, but a wasted opportunity… WoTF saves my ass regularly, and Fear Ward saves theirs regularly (from me).

Roll a female dwarf for your priest. Make sure you give her hair with long braids. Then cast lots of heal spells. It’s fun.

On the respec I went almost full frost because frost owns in pvp especially with some of the new 2.0 talents. Also because I have been frost for ages and I am too lazy to learn a new way of playing right now.

My final build was 49 frost 2 arcane. After spending 49 in frost I had almost everything in the tree and wasn’t really that excited about the last few remainint frost talents, so threw my last two points into 2/2 arcane subtlety because reducing enemy resistance to all my magic by 10 is nice.

Also, HRose is right. I had Clearcasting for ages when I used to be 31/20 fire/arcane, and it’s a waste of talent points unless you’re already going deep into arcane anyway.

Yes. There are only two hairstyles that do this, one braid and two braid, but totally worth it. Dwarven females also have the biggest rack if that affects your choice.

Humans are also a good choice for priests, especially if you plan on grinding any faction. I use Desperate Prayer way more than Fear Ward, and the Diplomacy bonus and upcoming 10% Spirit bonus for humans are very nice.

Night Elves have a flat butt anyway, they are overrated. Roll a human female priest if you need a nice butt to stare at.

The main reason to play a night elf for PvP is the fact that you can shadowmeld and ambush people as a priest. This is particularly unpleasant in places like AB. Stroker himself mentioned on #qt3 the other night about how much of a pain in the ass it is to come up to a flag that you think only has a few people, only to have 4 or 5 night elves suddenly materialize and wtfpwn you.

Well for PvE purposes, any of the other races are fine, especially humans on the alliance side, due to their increased spirit regen. The Dranei group to hit buff, plus an extra heal over time spell (and fear ward) make them a really nice race to roll as a priest. Blood Elves with their mana tap ability make leveling really nice, as long as there are mobs with mana around.

There’s a point at level 1. The new areas to level in up to 20 (with very very nice equipment that you can get, plus jewelcrafting and new races make having burning crusade useful at any level. I’ve been having a ton of fun in the beta and haven’t set foot in Outland. Jewelcrafting alone is a hug huge boon for leveling a character, as you can outfit yourself with rings and a necklace as low as level 10.

Most people haven’t really read about or seen a lot about the new areas, but with the new areas, at the level 10-20 zone, there is a little faction town with rewards that you get. By the time you hit 20, you have enough faction to get all the rewards, and they are very nice, and basically suit you up in a full set of armor with a weapon. I was still wearing the cloak you get almost until level 40.

I probably sound like a VM for Blizzard now, but I have been consistently impressed with thew newbie experience in the beta.

I went Frost from the beginning, Improved FB, then Elemental Precision (so I could reliably kill higher level mobs), and then Frostbite. I don’t know if that’s the optimal leveling method, though.

Athryn, tell us more about the jewelcrafting. Is it actually a crafting profession that is worth doing pre-40? As far as actually useful recipes for stuff you want to have and that doesn’t cost a gazillion gold in mats for lower levels, etc.

How about Paladin specs? I am level 40 right now and it feels like I have points spread out all over the place. I went straight for Seal of the Crusader and then moved over to the keep casting heal while taking damage talent but other then that I dunno how to really distrubte my points. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

It’s hard to go wrong with the Ret and Holy trees, in my opinion. It just comes down to how you prefer to play… more as a healing warrior (ret) or a melee priest (holy).

Well I did put 10 points in to Prot but I am starting to think that may not be the best place for them. None of the talents really jump out and say “OMG PICK ME!” as most of them seem pretty meh on their own.

I do kinda like using a 1h and Shield though just because of the extra 1.5k armor the shield gives.

Jewelcrafting is awesome. It’s one of the most useful crafting professions in wow, imo, particularly at lower levels.

It’s very similar to blacksmithing and engineering, except that jewelcrafting only relies on things obtained through mining or that you loot off of mobs (examples: Large Fangs, Elemental Earth.) You can craft rings and necklaces initally, then headgear, and then trinkets. You can also make these neat little statue things out of mined stone that heal you, which can come in handy in a pinch. Once you hit around 40, you get drops that are around on par or better as what you can make with jewelcrafting, but once you hit 300 and above, jewelcrafting becomes a whole other ballgame, and shifts over to an enchanting type of thing.

You still get designs for jewelry and stuff, but you also are able to create the gems that you socket into items, which are really awesome.

I’ve found that I’ve never needed to buy anything off of the auction house to supplement my jewelcrafting, it’s always been pretty even with my mining ability. The ability to be able to prospect (basically disenchant) a pile of ore to get gems really helps in the leveling process, and can get you some nice money by selling gems on the auction house.

Mining definitely goes hand in hand with jewelcrafting, although it would be a great benefit to have an enchanter also to DE the excess jewelery.

Hope this helps, I’m happy to answer any other questions about it, if I wasn’t thorough enough. :D

I didn’t play the beta to that high a level, but I made jewelcrafting my profession. It seemed fairly useful right from the start. You just seem to find fewer rings and necklaces while out there leveling and such (than armor and weapons). I wouldn’t say the crafted stuff I found is necessarily better than found stuff, but you have more options to get the jewelry that works for your class/spec. Something that gives you the buff you need. There’s stuff with jewelcrafters cutting gems for socketed items, but I didn’t get that far.

That’s not to say it would be a good profession to take. I expect it to be very popular, which means that prices for crafted stuff on the AH will be fairly low and prices for materials will be high. You’d honestly be better off just taking mining and selling materials on the AH to all those jewelcrafters, and then buying what you need. At least at first.

Interesting side note - jewelcrafting uses lots of gems (duh), more than you get just by mining. They get a skill to them them “prospect” stacks of unprocessed ore to get gems. So it’s going to start to be worthwhile to put raw stacks of ore up on the AH.

I’ve got a couple of questions on WOW mechanics. I only ever play WOW as a duo playing my priest (now level 52) with my wife (level 52 paladin), so a lot of my questions are based on my play situation:

  1. What does the new priest talent Misery actually do? Does the bonus work on itself? Does it work on the holy damage from paladin seals and judgments?

  2. How would a 2-h using paladin reliably get and hold aggro? How would you even regularly dps as a paladin? Looks like Consecration is now a free ability for paladins and that can be used to gain aggro but it’s pretty expensive mana-wise. Right now, I advise my wife (who’s a non-gamer) to mostly Seal of Crusader, judge it immediately then switch to Seal of Command to whack the mob, then Hammer of Justice if available and judge the stunned mob for the bonus damage from Seal of Command.

I suppose I’m kind of confused on how to effectively deal damage with a paladin because I’m not entirely sure how the seal / judge combat system works. With my shadow priest, the sequence is mostly straightforward and doesn’t vary much: Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Embrace, then Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay. If the mob comes to me instead of whacking on her, shield myself and continue mind flaying.

Misery helps all magic damage, and holy certainly qualifies.

What you might want to investigate if you’re playing together, is a smite spec. Since she’s a paladin with points into the ret tree there are some fairly nice synergies working off of sanctity aura and other +holy enhancers while you smite.

Shadow priests are the best solo levelers, but a smite priest technically out DPSes shadow on the nukes department. Being able to drink after every fight means shadows celebrated mana efficiency loses a lot of its ground. Killing faster = drinking faster.

Righteous Fury is how you maintain aggro as a paladin. It’s a 30 minute self buff that increases the threat a paladin has when doing damage.

The sequence you’re suggesting that your wife does is exactly what she should be doing. I myself mainly only use consecration if there’s more than one mob. making sure you have retribution aura up also helps with maintaining aggo. But as long as Righteous Fury is up, the paladin shouldn’t have too much of a problem holding aggro, as long as the other person allows them to hold aggo (ie: don’t overnuke.)

Okay, so someone with some brains and time breakdown some spec options for Hunters, Warriors, and Paladins post 2.0 changes.

For my Hunter, I basically re-created the BM/MM build I had pre-patch, which means if there’s new/changed talents to have missed, I missed 'em.

The warrior is part of a warrior/shaman/druid threesome, fwiw. Low 50s.

The pally is a 60 on Dark Iron, in a very laid back guild. If there’s a good raiding build, I’d probably go that. I was fairly evenly split across the trees (BoK, I think I had the insta-crit, too).