WoW: Anyone on Hyjal?

So my gf has been curious about WoW since it’s all I ever seem to do when not hanging out with her, so I gave her a little tour of it. Next thing I know she has installed it on her PowerBook, has a lvl11 warlock and is irrevocably hooked.

I decided to roll an alt to quest along with her, because it’s always more fun that way. She doesn’t have much interest in killing other players (and even less interest in being killed by them) so I told her to roll on a carebear realm. We picked Hyjal because I already have some friends on there with a guild that we can join once we’re ready.

Just wondering if any other QT3ers are playing on Hyjal. (Yes, I know Moonrunner is the “official” QT3 server, but I have RL friends on Hyjal and they hassled me until I agreed to join them. So I did.)

Are you alliance or Horde on Hyjal?

Hyjal was my primary server although I dont play there much now. I do have two Alliance 60s on Hyjal though if you folks want a leg up on bags or such.

Oops, sorry, forgot to specify. Yeah, we’re Alliance.

I’m not sure whether to be sad or relieved. I had several toons on Hyjal but just deleted them along with my Bronzebeard and Nerzul characters.

I know Sharpe has a big Hyjal presence with two 60’s and a couple lower toons (all alliance).

edit: whoops, Sharpe already posted.

I think Rywill used to play Horde on Hyjal (I’m not a stalker, I swear).

That said, screw Hyjal and your so-called RL friends. We’re having a blast on Moonrunner - the minimum number I see logged on from the Dropbears on any given weeknight has been 7. The folks with higher level characters have been great about taking lowbies on Deadmines and Gnomeregan runs too.

Gary, my account is still active if you want some help. I suppose I might be persuaded to play Hyjal some more if there were groups to be had. I dont have much in the way of newbie chars there, but I do have a level 33 Mage.

Drop me a line if you want.

This appears to be teh new hotness on my server as well. I don’t fully get it; what’s the point of being run through something by a level 60 such that it is no challenge?

Sometimes the point is to finish off a quest that you’ve completed ten times already on other characters.

Or it’s to speed through the teen levels which, in my opinion, are the most painful levels in the game.

Or it’s after you’ve already tried two or three times in pickup groups full of morons, and you just want to be done with the goddamn place (Uldaman).

I won’t do deadmines with people my level because they’re all idiots, and what should be a quick hour or turns into a 4 hour deathfest as people pull too much crap, don’t listen to very simple instructions, attack everything they aren’t supposed too and generally make our lives difficult. At around level 40 this becomes slightly less of a problem as people learn at LEAST the very basics of grouping, but from 10-35, no.

To be fair, I try to run people through the lower instances with level appropriate alts now, as I’ve got 2 alts in the mid 20s and one that’s just about to hit 30.

I’m 23 and need a run through soon :/

I usually do Stockades with pickup as it’s so stupidly simple that it’s hard to mess up. GO IN STRAIGHT LINE, KILL EVERYTHING ALONG WAY

If you’ve played a lot of toons I can understand the desire to be escorted through some instances, though I also think it can be a lot of fun to try the “same old” instances from the viewpoint of different classes and roles.

Interestingly, I’ve probably had the most fiercely addictive WoW sessions playing characters in their teens. Nothing painful about it, to me. I usually feel a letdown around lvl 20 (post Deadmines/Wailing Caverns) and then, if I play the toon that far, a “second wind” around 30…

See, I really enjoy the 20’s. For some reason, 1-10 is always pretty fun, mostly because it’s so fast and nothing hits hard or lasts very long. Then it’s like all of a sudden you’re fighting these mobs that bring all their friends when they aggro and hit really hard and have more hit points between 11-16 but you don’t have any of the tools to effectively deal with it. By the end of the teens, I start to feel the character coming into their own in terms of gear and abilities.

Plus, I actually enjoy most of the content for the 20’s, even if I do find Gnomeregan to be a great bore… I just hate gnomes, I guess. By the 30’s you get SM to play with and everybody knows that’s a hoot. Plus the 30’s are when my characters start to feel powerful since smart talent point investment begins to show itself by this point and most of your class skills are learned.

yeah… I hate Westfall/Redridge/Barrens play.

Well, different strokes. I’m indifferent to Westfall but I love Loch Modan and the Barrens (the latter was an acquired taste, I admit). I’ve also had a lot of fun with Silverpine, partly because it feels so remote from everything else, nestled away in its own little corner of Azeroth.

I agree Scarlet Monastery is a hoot, though.

I’ve only been to Silverpine as a horde player once, and I thought it was pretty darned cool. It would be even better if it weren’t for all the damned undead running around. I really hate the undead… almost as much as I hate taurens :)

Taurens are by far my favorite toons!!

And no, I’m not just saying that to be contrary. : P

Yeah, I did, although that guy never got very high because all the Qt3ers sort of lost interest in the server. I would totally join you guys on Moonrunner but for me Horde is where it’s at right now (I took my Half Past Five alliance characters to 60 and 45). I’ve got a 27 Orc Warlock that I’m running with my brother and a friend on Thunderlord. Great stuff. It’s amazing how well WoW holds up even over a year after release.

I think you and your brother were the ones primarily responsible for my initial infection of WoWmania last year, you both were so great to team with back on Frostwolf. sniff

Well, roll a Horde alt on Thunderlord and catch up with us!