WoW.... Anyone play the Hitman 2 demo yet?

I’ve never played the 1st Hitman, but the demo for Hitman 2 is very nice.

What I like so far:

  1. Hiding the body of your victim and removing his clothes.
  2. AI seems very intelligent. They so get very suspicious if they see someone sneaking around that shouldn’t be.
  3. So many choices. For instance, when I had to get into the mafia compound I could…

a) kill the mailman or milkman, drag them to a secure area and outfit myself in their uniform.
b) kill a mafia member and do the same.
c) run in with guns blazing and kill everyone on-site.
d) sneak in and steal the sniper rifle and then head back out to the hills and take out most of the outside guardsmen.
e) so many ways to kill… my favorite is the barbwire. Also, if you don’t want to kill you can use chlorform and knock out your enemies… Only good to a certain extent though
f) put a weapon in the grocery basket, then have the milkman deliver the basket to the kitchen. Sneak in undetected to the kitchen, get your weapon and kill the head boss.

  1. The graphics and sound are done incredible good
  2. The option to go 1st person or 3rd person mode. In my opinion, 3rd person is the way to go in this game.
  3. The body movements are incredible. When you drag a dead body, you’ll notice that it twist’s and turns and will slump when dropped.

These examples are just a couple reasons why Hitman 2 is looking to be a very good game. Add this game to my long list of PC games I’ll be getting this fall.


it is nice, runs like butter, but I liked the control scheme better in the first, and that first person mode is idiotic and shouldnt be in the game. It feels like someone told them to add it in and they did it shitty to ensure pepole would play it 3rd person (which is fine, but noone should have forced it in there)

Don’t care for the 1st person view, but what’s the difference. 3rd person is the way to go for this type of game. I’ll stick with the 3rd person view when playing this game.


I have a single question. Is the no in mission saves still in the game? If it is I’m not wasting a minute on it. Already did plenty of that with the first game.


IO said a while ago that there will be mid-mission saves in the final product.

IO said a while ago that there will be mid-mission saves in the final product.

the load screen on the demo says it will have mid-level saves.

the demo is quite good. i was very worried b/c i am running a Celeron 566 OC’d to 850 with a GeForce 2 card…but the straight install ran fine with no framing and the level looked excellent.

i never bought Hitman 1 b/c the demo was such a disappointment…however, this demo seems tight and i enjoyed playing it. might just need to own Hitman 2.

You can still game on a celeron?

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Could you ever really game on a Celeron? :P

The final game for Hitman 1, while flawed with respect to the control scheme and a lack of ingame saves (among other things) was actually a whole hell of a lot better than the demo was. Given that you can sometimes find it for $10 in the bargain bin, it might be worth your time and money.


AIM, you should play Hitman 1 if you liked all this stuff. It’s all in there, and just as fun. No saves mid-level was very hard on about three levels, but the rest of the first game wasn’t too bad at all. The very first mission in the first game was so much fun by itself even though it was trivial… I played it so many ways I forgot them all. One method to kill the mark was running through the meeting guns a-blazin’, one was sniping from a rooftop and having the helicopter come for you, one was this, one was that… I got to the point where I had a vantage where I could take the mark out with one shot and noone knew where it came from (out of their range), pick it all up, and calmly walk through all of them and leave. Great stuff.