WoW: Anyone playing on the public test realm?

I recently decided that my time with WoW needs to come to an end, so I broke my ties with my raiding guild and prepared to quit the game. However I still had a couple weeks left on my account, and since I didn’t have anything better to do I decided to check out the public test realm. Mostly I did this because I played a priest for a long time and wanted to try out the new talents. As it turns out my time on the PTR has been some of my most enjoyable in WoW for one pretty simple reason: pre-created characters.

If you’re not aware, you can create a new character on the PTR by selecting from a list of pre-made level 60 characters. The characters are reasonable well geared. All have their full “tier zero” set (valor, devout, magisters, etc.) and a nice selection of epic trinkets, rings, cloaks, weapons and whatnot.

So, what do you get when you have a whole lot of people at level 60 in roughly equal gear? A really well balanced (and fun!) pvp environment. Now, people are still able to copy their uber-geared rank 14 characters to the PTR, but by and large most people are using pre-created characters. It turns out that Blizzard did create a fun and relatively balanced pvp game, they just refused to let anyone play it until recently! Also, and here’s the best part, battleground queues are virtually non-existant. Alliance players experience instant games at virtually all times, and Horde players have to wait at the most 3-4 minutes in my experience.

So, is anyone (other than myself and jafd) playing on the PTR? If you haven’t tried it I’d recommend doing so. You get two pre-created characters when you start, and 2 more for each new “phase” of the testing.

Currently I’m playing “Eatpickles,” a warrior, and “Lesjarvis,” a paladin for the most part, both on Alliance.

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