WoW: Anyone still new at this want to group?

I played Anarchy Online for maybe a grand total of 10 hours over six months, and that was my only MMORPG experience. So far in WoW (just got it last week), I’ve started half a dozen characters but only gotten my main character, a level twelve undead Warrior, past level 2 or 3. So far, that’s been almost all soloing, but I hear that around your 20s and up, grouping becomes the more practical way to play.

Anyway, that leaves me feeling a little behind the curve for getting into a group, and I wondered if anyone else was in roughly the same position, or simply wouldn’t mind being extremely patient with me. Friday night alts sounds fun, but I don’t want to be useless in a group unless I’m with a whole group of useless people as we learn together. I understand the basic ideas for grouping, tanks, DPS, healers, keeping aggro on the right characters, that sort of thing, but have absolutely no practical experience in it.

If anyone else is in this position, let me know, I’d love to learn this game with someone else. I have a feeling it’ll be even more fun if I’m playing with some people regularly. My undead warrior is on Eonar, and I suppose I could be persuaded to start up on another server if absolutely necessary, but I don’t want to abandon my Linen Cloth price-fixing racket.

I’m already in the alts thing, but if you want me to talk you through the different roles, I could do that here. :)

I appreciate the offer, but it’s the in-game experience that I still lack. I’m sure there are still things I could learn just by having them explained, but I need to get into some battles and actually try this stuff out.