WoW: Arena poll

Are you ready to rumble?

I’ll try it once I hit 70 and may end up getting into it pretty hard-core; we’ll see.

BTW, druids are no longer a joke in PvP. They’re actually pretty damn scary.

Yeah, I know. Can bearly (hoho) dent the buggers with my rogue these days.

My friends and I are definitely forming a team.

I have two arena teams, a 2v2 and 3v3 currently. What sucks is that a 2v2 team with a good rank will get the same points as a 5v5 team with an average rank.

(you start at 1500 rating)

…actually, that’s been updated, seems the disparity isn’t as great as previously suggested.

Not interested until they nerf Druids.

I thought we were supposed to be qq’ing to nerf locks? Man, I’m so behind on who’s supposed to be nerfed.

Aaaaaactually I’ve heard most Q2ing about rogues - we get to use all our cooldowns (maybe even twice if prep works).

It’s difficult to gauge who to QQ about these days on the CC front, there’s just a lot of it available to everyone it seems. And if you aren’t one of the few who have it, you’re one of those who get a ton of defense against it (warriors come to mind).

On the damage front, Warlocks and hunters are still the scariest imo :)

At least, most scary when left alone. Thankfully, warlocks don’t have any real escapes and they get forced into sitting there and taking it.

Rupture ftw?

Evidently you haven’t played against an Arcane/Fire mage…

I can’t wait to get my BE pally to lv 70 to hit the arena and get smoked.

My balance druid is level 69 now, I plan to hit 70 within the week and go lose in the 2v2 arenas with buddies. I don’t really want to commit to the 5v5 tournament, it’s sure to be more stress than I can deal with right now.

Do you guys really think warlocks are all that scary? They don’t kill very fast. They’ll make sure you die too after they are gone, but they don’t have the DPS or mages or rogues.

Point, warlocks don’t have that high of DPS compared to other, pure burst DPS classes/specs.

However, locks have impressive CC which can be used in conjunction with thier dots. Granted, CC’s have been nerfed a bit in the arena (or so I have heard).

Destruction Warlocks, or some variation of SM/Ruin, rival Mages in terms of DPS.

A well-played, experienced PvP warrior will seem unstoppable. In practice, what he’s doing is surgically timed, because it’s actually pretty limited. Beserker Rage takes care of fear, but it’s useless against seduce. There’s also the trinket to break stuns, snares, and roots, but it’s on a five-minute timer and the effect can be immediately re-applied. Intimidating Shout is also on a long timer and is only marginally useful against undead players.

If he kills you before you’ve gotten the chance to do much, it’s usually because he got a few lucky crits, boosted by gear that’s sacrificed other stats – precisely because those lucky crits are about the only thing a warrior has in his game plan these days. That and an enormous 2-hand weapon, giving you a generous three and half seconds or so between swings, which is enough time to cast almost any offensive spell in the game.

Undead rogues are the biggest problem, in my experience. They can use multiple strategies and weapon types within the same talent spec, not to mention talent-independent abilities like WotF, the rogue trinket, Cloak of Shadows, sprint, and vanish. If anything, he’s the one with the bag of tricks. All the warrior is doing is desperately trying to crit you to death before you can begin a kite chain.

I can barely remember when ppl used to say “Nerf Shamans!” and they meant it… :)

I remember that. I also remember my guild being really happy to have me, because 60 warlocks were rare. Rarer than priests (For them)