WoW arena PvP impressions

X-posting this from my guild forums…

First impression: Omg that was fast!

I spent 5 mins in line to get pwned by some dudes in AQ gear in 45 seconds flat. The game plan every time seemed to be clothies fanning out to hide behind the poles while tanks charged the middle and stealthers wait for an opportunity to smack someone. After one side is completely dead the game is instantly over and everyone goes back to Org. I’m surprised these matches didn’t at least have a best 2 out of 3 system going on.

Short cooldown abilities reset for every fight so it looks like specs that focus on those abilities shine. Examples: Presence of Mind, Bestial Wrath. Both are big-damage buttons that can and do turn the tide of an arena game early.

Is anyone going to be crazy enough to spec explicitly for the arenas? It seems that optimal specs for regular BG PvP and Arena PvP will be different.

Another thing - are people going to be super snooty about who they will and won’t team up with? I don’t know how long a commitment it is when you sign up for an arena team… it would suck to get stuck on a 2v2 team with people who quit playing or are never online or just plain suck at PvP. What’s going to happen?

As it was discussed, PUG arena matches aren’t ranked.

And ranked matches only allow static parties to participate.

Are the PUG arena match-ups made such that each side has roughly even gear?

Right, I’m asking about the seasonal arena teams. The ones where you have to make a commitment. ahem.

Not that I saw, but maybe my buddy had lots of epix and I didn’t. Also, the PTR probably doesn’t have enough people queueing to really balance much anyway.

I believe that the matchmaking considers the ranking and maybe win/loss ratio, not the gear.

I’m sure many people will. In fact, I already have 1 spare 60 (soon to be 2), and I could see dedicating one of them to Arena specs, and decking them out with arena-helping gear.

I believe I heard that teams are season-long (although I seem to recall hearing about a PUG bracket too), and that teams can have a backup roster, so a 2v2 team can have more than 2 people in it.

That said, I think it’s obviously your best choice to start an arena group with people who are good, or at least play at your level. (After all, you don’t want to be the guy bringing them down either.)

I’m in a great but small social guild, and I’m looking forward to us pwning and getting pwned, probably with emphasis on the latter.

Then it’s not a question. Ranked arenas will be an highly competitive environment that the most hardcore players will dominate.

Think to Guild Wars.

They may consider arenas like a job, so I doubt they pick their teammates randomly. Like the dedicated Counterstrike teams and similar kinds of players.

It’s not like they worry if one of the gets bored and quits. In general these groups are really solid and play together every day from long ago.

Of course this doesn’t prevent a few players to band together and suck :)

Blizzard to priests: Really, we’re serious about you people not doing PvP, get back to raid healing.

I like to think of myself as a fairly competent and motivated PvPer, but I won’t be playing 24/7. Guess I’ll have a tough time convincing my buddies who play more to add me to their rosters then.

I don’t want to join a team with half-interested people who will unsubscribe mid-season but it looks like that might be where I’m headed. I guess I’ve always got BG grinding for HWL gear to keep me entertained.

One of my most fearsome opponents was a shadow priest. It’s neat to check out the damage/healing meters on the scoreboard at the end of each match.

I think the big button timered DPS skills are most important for DPS classes. A healer brings something entirely different to the table.

There’s not that much to PvP. You know your character and the native abilities, and then it’s just recognizing the situation and using the best spell/skill. You’re a hunter and you see a druid go feral? Remember to use Scare Beast. Stuff like that.

You don’t have to be ultra hardcore to be decent at it. The teams that will have an advantage will be the ones who get to know each other and who are on vent. That, and gear.

One thing about gear – BC has some crazy stuff. You can really load up on stamina or spell protection stuff if you want to sacrifice some other stats. There will be a lot of teams who take advantage of different kinds of gear loadouts to do well, I think.

I also think the matches should be best of three. They are fast. Best of three with a 60 second cooldown between each round.

It’s just more stuff for players to do, which is good. Now there’s arena, battlegrounds, faction grinding (lots of this in BC), and the heroic dungeon mode for the smaller scale raids.

From what devs said, playing more matches than the ones needed may degrade your ranking.

What it will happen is that there will be a lot of training on unranked arenas and then very selective play on the ranked ones.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it like my old Counter-Strike ladder days. Play in public games all the time, occasional night time scrimmages for practice, an hour or two a week of actual match play. Weekly group play sessions could be scheduled pretty easily for a 2-10 person group.

Sebmolo casts REVIVE THREAD (Rank 2) details are up.

I’m a little worried by this “must be level 70” bit I keep reading. Does that mean that there will be no official arena PvP until after the expansion is released? That’s crap if so. Crap!

The expansion is due in a little less than six weeks. That’s not that long to wait. Of course, then you have to get to level 70.

My understanding is that you can pvp, and presumably get generic kill points which you can spend, but you don’t get the arena points and rankings.

The actual ranking part of arenas seems intended to be a pretty small and focussed part of the whole experience, since you only need to play 10 ranked games a week. How much fun it is will depend on how good their gear matching algorithm is, I’m thinking.

I want an oompa loompa NOOW!

Seriously though, Arena PvP was the most exciting part of the new patch for me. I even planned my 51-point spec around it - 43/0/8 hunter. Now that Arena rewards aren’t available, I’m going to have to come up with a new spec that isn’t quite so focused on cooldowns and quick fights. Booo. At least I get hunter pet buffs and a few new talents to play with.

i’m not likely to play much of the arena but i think it will be really cool to see what strategies emerge after a few months. What people do now in the current battlegrounds is very different from what they were doing when that bg first launched.