WoW availability

I thought I would try WoW as my first experience in the MMORPG world but strangely enough all stores have sold out and I can’t locate a copy anywhere.

Two stores told me the distributor has stopped shipments of the game to ease the load on the servers. Sounds a bit strange to me. They said they should be receiving more stock in two weeks here in Australia.

It’s all lies … damned lies … :roll:

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a copy of the Collector’s Edition and I’ve just about given up.

I’ve just ordered the last remaining copy from a mail order company here in Aus. I didn’t see a collector’s edition listed though.

Blizzard sent out a press release about the game selling out, and how Blizz was considering whether they could ramp up the servers enough to send out more copies of the game. That didn’t seem to make much sense to me (of course you can!), but maybe what they mean is they want to wait and see how many people quit after the first month before deciding how many new CDs to press.

My local Target had 3 copies on the shelf. I’m waiting at least a month to see how many people re-up before I try it.

I saw copies all over the place this past weekend. Especially Best Buy, they have a metric ton of them. So does CompUSA. Both have big kiosks dedicated to WoW.

What’s next to impossible to find though, is the Collector’s Edition. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen to find that. Unless you want to spend $120+ for it on eBay.

Yeah, the CE is gone. If you can find one, grab it. I’m sure you can make a nice little profit on eBay with it.

The WOW collecters edition is the story EB games and Gamestop will tell from now until the next blizzard release when they try to shove preorders down your throat. I can see the dude shaking his head now and telling me how many people asked for WOW collectors edition after they sold out.

Is there some reason to actually want the Collector’s Edition?

Blizzard does CE’s up. It’s got cool stuff, plus you get a little pet in the game so you can prance around like you’re Fancy Dan with your little panda guy.

New Zealand is all out of copies as well… and they only shipped 200 copies of the CE for starters!

Here’s an update from a well known NZ retailer on the re-stock - presumably coming from Aus:

We’ve had word today that the nationwide re-stock of World of Warcraft has been delayed until December 16th, some 10 days later than previously expected.

While we’ve yet to receive any official explanation for the delay, it’s most probably down to the fact World of Warcraft has sold in such massive quantities, and Blizzard is simply struggling to keep up with world-wide demand.

Yeah, the Collector’s Edition is great. First one I’ve ever bought (unless you count the Halo 2 LE I guess). Makes me wish I would have gotten the Warcraft III CE.

It’s surprisingly heavy - I swear it weighs half as much as an Xbox.

Funny thing is, I bought the CE off the shelf on release day at Best Buy.

My buddy saw my CE loved the hard covered art book and decided to pick it up,this was on the Nov.24th the second day,he went to EB and they were all gone,Future Shop didn’t have any left either,or Wal-Mart.He even called around to other stores farther away,no luck.
So I gather it was a pretty hot seller,EB probably wasn’t streching the truth this time.

I really lucked out in finding a CE myself a couple days ago, (I’d argue that finding a regular edition was a task in of itself, but the local EB and Target had a few of them in stock)

Just so happened that a few extra CE’s were sitting in back of the nearby Target which had yet to be relocated to its empty spot on the shelf. Spent about ten minutes trying to describe the item to a puzzled clerk that assumed I was looking for one of the gazillion WC3 battlechests they had piled up. The moment he shuffled back from the stock room with that monstrous tome looking box though, I swear I noticed my credit card levitate towards the scan machine by its own free-will.

Oh and the don’t get too excited about the free pet, as of right now it’s purely an ostentatious gesture on behalf of Blizzard. My mini-diablo just follows me around and adds nothing to Azeroth society. (There are a few folk that swear they have seen him breath fire once, but I think its misguided hope)

The bonus DVD and artbook on the other hand are pretty spectacular. And that box is definately a looker.

You guys should see the EQ2 collector’s brick.

Funny thing is, I bought the CE off the shelf on release day at Best Buy.[/quote]
Well, sounds like you got lucky. It was sold out everywhere that I looked/called in the Boston area on release day. All the EBs, GameStops, Best Buy, WalMart.

I just happened upon it at an outside area Circuit City last weekend, a sole copy sitting up on the shelves next to some Warcraft III CEs, heh.

Yeah, it looks like ass in comparison. ;)

Little D definitely does this. I’m not sure what the trigger is.

Little D definitely does this. I’m not sure what the trigger is.[/quote]
I think it’s random. Like the Panda falling asleep. Dunno what the Zergling does. Anyone know?