WoW Battlegrounds: Empty below 60

Why the hell is battlegrounds empty below 60 on Frostwolf? Cathcart is playing every night on Earthen Ring.


My lock on Earthen Ring is 15…looks like it’s time to get moving over there.

On Bonechewer, level 10-19 WSG is catching on. There are an awful lot of people making decked-out 19 alts, myself included. Quite fun.

Maybe they realized that PvP Battlegrounds below level 60 is a nice diversion, but is mostly a time waster.

Only level 60 players get full honor points. Under 60’s spend a great deal of effort to PVP, and only getting a fraction of the reward.

Tradeskill advancement becomes important at 60. Sub-60 players who play BGs regularly get empty XP. They miss out on the regular quest-given rep bonuses that are important for tradeskills. If they were doing quests instead of PvPing, they’d have to waste less time on grinding for rep once they do reach 60.

and yes, I know I can go !@#$ myself.

Before I go !@#$ myself, though, I just want to add that the PvP experience has evolved differently on each server, and you might just have to move to some other server to get the kind of game play you want.

On Stormrage, the highest ranking PvP players are kind of like the olympic “dream team”. The #1 teams there are made up of people from many different guilds. The only thing they have in common is that they are really good PvP players. As the day goes on, players get called off to guild raids, and the next person “on the list” gets subbed in.

On Stormrage, getting an Alterac Valley instance to spawn is a coordinated affair. Once it’s up, the Alliance wins within 2 hours.

On Killrog, the best PvP teams are guild based. If you’re not in the guild, they won’t even /invite you if one of their members misses the queue and you get picked up as a random sub.

On Killrog, there is at least one Alterac Valley instance up at all times. They go on for 6-8 hours.

Hey, go !@#$% yourself.


See, I’d like to waste some time…I’m not in it for your leveling or your damn fool crusade. I just want to have fun doing stuff.


Do I need to point out that this is true of every aspect of every videogame ever? The <60 battlegrounds are actually a lot of fun because the difference between guy in greens and guy in purples is nowhere near the difference between guy who just turned 60 and guy who’s been grinding high level instances for a year. Especially since there aren’t even that many really great purples in those levels. Why should a new player who wants to try out CTF, something you can’t do anywhere else in the game, have to wait until level 60 and end up playing against a bunch of players in epic gear who kill them in one shot?

I’m guessing the real reason Spoofy is having a hard time finding a game before 60 is that he’s on a PvP server, so maybe everyone gets their fill of PvP out in the game world. I’m not on a PvP server so if you want to do that you almost have to sign up for BG, so you can play Arathi Basin 3-4 times a night no problem.

I play Shadow Moon (PvP Enabled) and the 20-29 WSG queue ran every time I joined within about 10 minues. I now play in the 40-49 AB queue and it launches almost immediatly every time.

Also, I’ve made Master Seargent at level 49 by hitting the queues occasionally, and considering that my account has a grand total of 10 days /played over the course of 4 months it’s not like I’m hardcore BGing to get that rank. I agree that the really high PvP ranks are totally fucked up (Every person who has made rank 14 I’ve seen has claimed they had to take a weeks vacation from work to do it. That’s just plain stupid.) but the lower ranks (1-5 at least) seem very attainable before getting level 60, even with below level 60 being a “time waster”.

Chris Woods

For ranks 1-5 you don’t have to compete with the other players for rank. After that the ranks are based on the other players’ scores.

You don’t have to have awesome equipment to do well in Arathi Basin if you’re a “casual 60”. You don’t even need all blue stuff. You just have to not run off on your own.

I gave up on BGs with the help of this quote from the developers:
“…Priests are one tough cookie to bring down!”

Hahahahaha! See you in Care-a-lot!

Shoulda rolled a warrior. Then, if you’re lousy at PvP like me, you still last 30 seconds or so. :P