[WoW] Big ole nerf bat to 'locks

From the WoW general forums:

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Nathaera posted that the DoT nerf is indeed true and that its around 10%. This is a LIE!

The dot coefficient went from 120% (from 100% that its been since release of the game) to 93%

That's a 27% percent nerf, not a 10%. On top of that, its now even lower then its EVER been. ?

I don’t know offhand exactly what Naethara said, but the 10% damage reduction refers to the total damage the affected spells deal after the nerf (if you have approximately tier 3 quality amounts of spell damage gear, less if you have less), not the amount the bonus coefficient was reduced by. I don’t believe that warrants calling it a 10% nerf a “lie”.

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Spells which take 3.5 seconds to deliver their damage (cast time) get 100% of the damage. So why do spells that take 18 seconds to deliver their damage not even get a full 100% of the +damage

Because the spell didn’t take you 18 seconds to cast. Considering the actual combat time invested is generally 1.5 seconds (global cooldown), you’re actually getting far better damage scaling from these spells than ordinary spells (varies somewhat depending on how much of the total duration you assume the spell effectively lasts for on average). Possibly too much still, we’ll see.

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On top of ALL this, there is NO mention of the DoT nerf in the patch notes. So other then the post where Nath confirmed this, this is still a silent change.

VERY unproffesional.

[I]Unfortunately, changes we make near the very end of the patch process often don’t get into the patch notes since the patch notes have already been sent off for translation in other regions and/or because a change to the patch notes is a change to the client, which is more time consuming for QA to re-test than a server-side change.

So, since it’s not entirely uncommon for us to wait until the near the end of a patch to make final balance changes, it’s not entirely unusual for some of them to be absent from the patch notes. That being said, would it really have made you ok with the change if it had been in the patch notes? Do you actually believe we feel the need to “sneak” a nerf in? I mean really…

If it helps I’m happy to say it, DoTs were (and some/all possibly still are) OP.[/I]

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There are now reports that affliction spells (dots, fear) ie. the things that MAKE the warlock class are getting HEAVILY more resisted. A player on the warlock boards posted a screenshot of a GM saying that this is intended by the developers. Many other players have noticed it too.

This AGAIN is another silent nerf for the warlock and frankly, though the DoT nerf may have been needed (although only back to 100% not this new 93%) the affliction resist was NOT needed.

I would link you the post but the search function on these boards does not work.

So these are two major silent nerfs done to the warlock community and we have had NO official response to this whatsoever. This is unacceptable and highly unprofessional.

Previously, dots in general were 1/10th as likely to be resisted as normal spells. That has been fixed, they’re now as likely to be resisted as other spells. Please let us know whether there’s any reason to believe they aren’t working this way.

(Kalgan’s words in italics)

The resist change is gonna be MAJOR. If locks get 10 times more resists than they were getting before, that’s a big change. Should be interesting to see how this plays out (particularly since Kalgan is saying DoT’s may still be overpowered, implying they will change yet again).


HA! I guess I should have level’d my lock before the pally.

Well, I don’t even wanna PLAY my lock if I don’t get to be OP. So there!

My understanding based on other players’ in-game tests: damage add from items was reduced from 120% of listed value to 93% of listed value. The more +damage you have, the bigger the difference, but unless you’re over 1000+ of +shadow damage, the difference never exceeds 15% of actual damage – and usually is much lower. The poster quoted seems to have been being hysterical.

I’ve been killing people just fine with my measly +229 (yes, people are still too stupid to dismount when they notice that 4 dots have just been applied, and this still gets many of them just as dead as before.)

Regarding resists: I’ve been getting above-average resists for awhile now, despite having 4 points in reducing them. It’s pretty annoying. Is the “more resists” coming soon, or live?

Why are they nerfing DoTs accross the board when the problem is probably Affliction specialized Warlocks having 2 additional DoTs? Isn’t that unfair to Demonology or Destruction Warlocks?

It’s about time!

The unfortunate part is although this is a nerf to Locks, who are probably still gross - it’s also a big nerf to priests, who are totally fucked unless they want to be healbots.

Why else would they have rolled priest?

It’s nice to have variety to your gameplay without being forced to roll an alt. I get the idea that we shouldn’t be as powerful as every XYZ class that does damage for it’s main job. I’m also a bit unhappy, like Backov, that all the warlock nerfs (ever, pretty much) have had deleterious effects on us.

Somehow I sense that a bunch of [WoW] threads are about to begin. It’s 2005 all over again!

DoTs are dumb. SM/Ruin Shadowbolt crits for 2k+ in blues aren’t.

Regarding resists: I’ve been getting above-average resists for awhile now, despite having 4 points in reducing them. It’s pretty annoying. Is the “more resists” coming soon, or live?

I’ve noticed this as well. There was one point on an equal level, non-elite mob, where I wasted almost half my mana trying to cast DoTs (level 52 dino of some kind in Un’goro). They kept getting resisted over and over and over again. I realise that’s just bad luck on my part, but I’ve noticed a definate increase in resists. At first I thought it was because my memory of the game was fuzzy (I just started playing again since last June, resubbed for BC), but this seems to confirm my suspicion.

Also, the way I read this, is that this only applies to +dmg gear? For whatever reason, I’ve never noticed any significant difference to really care about +dmg. Of course, I’ve yet to reach level 60 and do very little Pvp. Currently, all my gear is +stamina with a bit of +spirit and +intelligence thrown in.

I wonder why!

Early 2006: Blizzard nerfs SM/Ruin locks by nerfing negative resists, thereby removing huge crits. They compensate by buffing DoTs, as that’s supposed to be Warlocks’ bread and butter. At the time, they justify giving full damage to DoTs because you only get to cast each DoT once on each target, and they take a ton of time to take full effect, are disspellable, etc.

Late 2006: Blizzard nerfs DoTs, pointing at their short cast time to justify it.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to reactivate my account and pay these chuckleheads my money again.

There is another layer of screwage for priests. It appears that +spell hit gear only reduces resists on the initial landing of the spell, not on each tick after that, so dots are breaking early. This also appears to be true for resist reduction talents. Warlocks can compensate for this by using Curse of Shadows (though they give up Curse of Agony to do it, making CoA awful now since it is backloaded and breaks early), but priests don’t have that option. I guess Blizz had to make sure all the 41-point priest talents were not worth taking, since our new 41-point Shadow talent is a shadow dot.

My warlock is Demonology, so she’s down to one instant dot (Corruption) if I have to use CoS instead of CoA. Guess it is back to SM/Ruin to be a pretend mage again.


The priest 41 point shadow talent is still worth it for PvE. It’s just near worthless in PvP now, as it was already somewhat tough to justify it’s position over another mindblast.

Shadow can still spec crazyness like 25/0/36 and have a good time in PvP. It’s just, that was already a viable option pre-DoT nerf. Now it’s overwhelmingly the best option.

So, I haven’t played WoW in 6+ months, but back then, there was no such thing as a DoT “breaking early”. Once you landed your DoT, it was stuck for the duration.

So it sounds like this is changed? Is a resist check done on each pulse, and a successful resist ends the spell entirely?

The nerf only applies to Corruption and Curse of Agony, Siphon Life still gets 100% and Unstable Affliction gets 120%. I dunno what the deal is with dots breaking early, it’s never happened to me. Does it only happen to Priests?

I’d like to add that Unstable Affliction now gets around 200% of +damage to the dispel damage portion. It crits for around 3.5k for me! Pretty ridiculous.

Yep, what people call a “heartbeat resist” where the resist check is made each tick. I haven’t tried taking on something level 60+ yet, but apparently Mind Flay has the same resist checks & breaks mid-channel too.