[WoW] Big ole nerf bat to 'locks

Well, I did some testing (cause I’m a sad, sad man), and Curse of Agony is now getting 120% of +damage, and Corruption is getting 93%. It used to be 160/120%. I can’t see any evidence of priest DoTs ending early, with a 44 Shadow Priest casting SWP on a 60 Warlock with 91 shadow resistance it never ended early. It was also almost never resisted outright, although there were plenty of partial resists due to the shadow resistance gear. On the other hand, Mind Flay was resisted plenty of times (although never mid-channel, and there were no partial resists), so I can’t find any evidence of any of these supposed changes!

Oh wonderful. Because MF is just so overpowered.

Apparently the change that makes DoTs 10 times more likely to be resisted only applies to partial resist checks made on each tick, IE when they’re cast on someone with shadow resistance. It’s always happened, it just happens as often as, say, Shadow Bolt now, whereas before it would only happen once in a while.

I’ve done some PVPing on my affliction Warlock after the patch, and I have to say that these changes are pretty minor, and not unreasonable.

Our locks are more worried about PvE and reckon the effect in PvP will be mostly unnoticed.

See, now when kids ask why they have to suffer math classes, their teachers can tell them it’s all in preparation for World of Warcraft.

I really do hate to break it to you Lock players, but sweet mother of god – you’re still overpowered. I play a mage, and you didn’t see me crying when the outlawed trinket-stacking.

I was in XR not 10 minutes ago laying the beatdown on a level 60 hunter in full tier 2. Me, my felgaurd and an xr gaurd (level 40) got him down to around 10% of his health in about 5 seconds (yay fear!). Then he broke fear and one-shotted me.

Edit: I should mention I’m level 52 and in mostly greens.

They should start posing math test questions in the context of WoW. “Jimmy has a level 60 warlock. If Blizzard nerf his dots by 18%…” Probably would get kids more interested in the subject.

You do realize you’re Paper railing against Scissors, don’t you?

You should stop. You’re only contributing to the myth that warlocks kick ass. =P

But yeah, I’m more worried about PvE than PvP and this seems to be a reaction to Affliction Locks under the new talents more than anything. Otherwise, they would have made the change sooner.

A class’ effectiveness in PvP is largely situational.

Yeah, I’m not seeing much of a nerf here in pvp combat. Locks are still slaughtering me with fear bombs and dot bombs couple with siphon life and 2k shadowbolts. I suppose I really should respec for silent shot. I am noticing more resists but thats usually when a nice priest gives me shadow prot buff.

Also, anyone else notice that feign death now doesn’t get pets to disengage you?

I think eventually they will have to nerf DoTs again. They are still too powerful as cheap fire and forget damage in PvP.

Likely they will wait til they have a lot of L70 PvP data to go through though. Hunters will for sure get whacked too.