WoW: Blizzard to hybrid classes: "Haw haw! You fell for it!"

So the loot tables for Karazhan are up on the net now.

Here’s a preview of what you won’t see: Feral druid gear, DPS/tank Paladin gear. So much for blizzard claiming that hybrid classes would be more viable in their hybrid roles, when they aren’t even going to support them with loot. Once again, druids will be stuck stealing rogue gear and paladins will be stuck stealing warrior gear.

Sure, you can use your tokens on the different class sets, but that’s only a small source of gear for most people. Anyone else who wants to raid with a nonstandard class is getting screwed again.

Carebear! I hope there’s at least some good PvP gear for hybrids.

Looks like the same ol’, same ol’ for raiding. One of our regular Shadow priests was linking the new Tier gear in guild chat, and then to me said “But you would want the healing version, right?” I didn’t respond because I wanted people to worry a bit, but he’s probably right because I find raid healing to be much more engaging than raid dps. I really don’t look forward to being useless outside of raids again, but I guess that’s why I have alts.

That fucking sucks. I really wish I could get the $40 I spent on Burning Crusade back now.

Sure, you can use your tokens on the different class sets, but that’s only a small source of gear for most people. Anyone else who wants to raid with a nonstandard class is getting screwed again.

I think the tokens (from which you have a choice of pieces with different stats so you can perform your chosen role better) are supposed to be the primary source of gear and the drops supplemental, not the other way around.

Except in reality, you are going to end up with far more of the non-set pieces for a long stretch of time, and in many cases non-set pieces can be significantly better than an actual set piece.

The two sets of token gear just means I need twice as many tokens as non-healing classes. God forbid the priest set have one stat for +damage and one for +healing, like the Atiesh staff does:

Equip: Increases your spell damage by up to 120 and your healing by up to 300.

Wow, the game’s been out for a week and already the whining has started.
Never mind that I see leather gear with high armor/sta and AP that doesn’t say class: Rogue on it, as well as plate and mail with spell damage for the Enchancement/Elemental shaman and tanking Paladins

Hey man, don’t poop on the FUD train. It’s just getting started!

If it’s agi/sta it’s far more rogue gear than feral gear, as a feral druid values strength more than agility. Not only does it give 2ap per point but it scales with heart of the wild. On top of that, the armor isn’t that high, and it’s the kind of thing that’s ambiguous in that it’s as much of a rogue item than feral gear.

Back in my days if we were gimped we’d just respec. But what the fuck do I know?

But what if the gimp spec is the Blizzard Designated Raid Spec? When you rolled a Druid, you implicitly signed a contract to heal and nothing else, and if you try to do anything else, your mouthbreathing guild leader will kick you out of the guild after some cocksucking officer catches you in cat form and tattles in a professional-casual way like it’s a scene in Schindler’s List, the lot of grayscale nazi guild leaders sipping tea while the jews are rounded up by dozens into the ovens, except you as a Druid are the jew, and that oven is your failing to spec Resto.


OMG BLIZZARD SUX! Those fuckers don’t care about [insert my class here]. They are the worst company in the world, out to screw you personally. They clearly want to make people hate the game, so that they will stop paying them $14.95 per month.

That is the worst and most terrible analogy of all time.

Yeah, just re-roll as whatever kicks more ass then or quit the game.


You obviously never go into the P&R forum.

Yet that same exact gear is far better for rogues than druids because of the way our talents work. Rogue talents amplify Agil/AP; druid talents amplify str primarily. We have this great talent that’s designed to make us do more damage, only it doesn’t because the gear that we find is shared with rogues and has little to no str on it.

This isn’t to say that druids are hurting or anything, because honestly I have no clue how they stack up. But it is annoying that they promised to actually itemize for off-specs and druids are still fighting with rogues for sub-optimal upgrades for feral; shadow priests will still be fighting with other casters for their DPS upgrades, etc. It would be nice to see Blizzard actually itemize for different specs, especially as they’ve gone through the effort to try to improve the talent trees so there are compelling reasons to be those specs. It’s like the left hand and right hand still aren’t talking, which is disappointing.

Right, except for the actual sets you get from the tokens. And the feral drops that Charles apparently glanced over. And all the other off-spec stuff that doesn’t drop in this particular instance.

I’m completely sympathetic to your aims, and I agree that there should be quality feral, moonkin, and other off-spec itemization, but it’s increasingly difficult to take you guys seriously when you just latch onto whatever piece of FUD gets thrown your way. How about getting a picture of what the actual options are for druid tanks at 70 and then making a judgement based on that instead of a list of items that drop from one dungeon?

Yeah. I realized that there’s two whole feral items in that list. My bad – it totally nullifies my comments!

edit: But tell me, where’s the really high AC leather, or the leather with +def, or the weapons with AC on them? Cause, you know, blizzard said they wanted druid tanks to be viable. Oh wait.

Here’s a preview of what you won’t see: Feral druid gear, DPS/tank Paladin gear.

You said it, not me.

But your whole point is still retarded for the reasons outlined in my above post.