WoW: Burning Crusade cinematic


Fuck that’s some nice intro quality. AND the boss looks bad-ass. I agree Gary, this is some droolage.

Blizzard’s cinematics are the best in the industry. Yes, including square.

I liked the parts with the sheep and the murlocs :) Blgggrgbbrrggllgrbgl!

The dismissive wave toward the murlocs was great, and the priest having to rez a warrior tanking with a two-hander was accurate. I mean, aside from the battle rez & breaking rocks with Holy Nova.

They changed Illidan’s voice actor.

That does look great, and Illidan is indeed one of the coolest characters in the game world.

Man, I’m trying to save it for when I install the expansion pack, but seeing it linked in 50 billion places is NOT making it any easier!

Aren’t the cinematics actually done by a different studio than Blizzard?

No, they’re all internal. At least that always has been the case; if there’s been a change I didn’t hear about it.

Yeah, their MO is to do everything in-house; not just using their own people, but using their own facilities as well. Cheaper in the long run, apparently. All of the WoW voice work appears to be done at the Irvine campus.

It may just be nostalgia talking, but the cinematic for The Frozen Throne is still one of the best looking pre-rendered cinematics I’ve ever seen.

And oh my god, did I just get a direct download of the movie from Blizzard? Instead of having to go through the bittorrent downloader shenanigans that all their previous cinematics have made me do?

I tried to hold this attitude, but eventually I just said “ah, fuck it.” Downloading now.


Damn…awesome. Also, why is it that some divx files have a green bar on the bottom of the screen/encode? Do I need to upgrade divx again? (have 6 installed I think)

Ok when is WoW going to get ingame graphics like that? That was hot!

The day in-game graphics look like that for an mmorpg is the day my work life will cease to exist. I should start saving now.

Don’t see any reason why unreal engine 3 couldn’t produce graphics of that quality. The animation of course is another matter, that’s all hand-animated.

Oh my.

I swear, I wouldn’t have downloaded & watched that if blizz had forced me to use their torrent downloader.

Charles says within 5 years we’ll have graphics like that cinematic in our games. I think he’s insane and we’re looking at around 10 years at the minimum.