WoW: Burning Crusade cinematic

You don’t have to use it - click the link Gary provided. Blizzard has a direct link to the Avi

Well, think about where we were five years ago. Besides Soul Calibur DC and NFL 2k1, I can’t think of much that would look decent next to the kinds of things Unreal Engine 3 can do.

LucasArts is also doing some very interesting things with procedural and non-linear animation. Imagine your character swinging a sword (or a lightsaber) a little bit differently every time. This kind of thing would have killed if it was available for the Dark Forces games.

Watching the cinematic makes me wish they’d do a whole film with their graphics. That would be sweet.

I’m not saying games haven’t gotten better, they have, but we are no where near the level detail seen in that video. Someone else mentioned we’ll never catch up with cinematics as they keep getting better and better. While this is very true, we’ll still not near the level of cinematics in Warcraft III and that game isn’t all fresh and hip.

Problem being is it took them a year to do that 30 second dealie. :)

I thought the same thing. I can’t wait until in-game stuff really does look that good.

You don’t have to use it - click the link Gary provided. Blizzard has a direct link to the Avi[/QUOTE]
You’re a retard, right?

Every Blizzard cinematic is comprised of some ominous shot of a portal and someone muttering about being banished for 10,000 years… diablo, ner’zul, your cranky grandpa… zzz

I keep giggling when I see the warlock wtfpwn the murlocs.

That wasn’t realistic about the warlock. He had to raise his hand. Warlocks don’t need to work that hard to kill a bunch of things.

I thought that. Then I considered when I used to think Square doing a full length film with their CG would also be sweet.

(Though, to be fair, the graphics were sweet. Just not so much on the rest of the film.)

Too true. Warlocks are ridiculous right now, especially with that fucking felguard. Fortunately I hear they are getting nerfed in the expansion.

Put me in the It’ll-Be-Ten-Years-At-Least-Before-Games-Have-Graphics-Like-That camp. The Unreal Engine 3 looks great, but they’re taking 3 years just to produce a new version of UT. There’s no way we’ll have real-time graphics on the level of Blizzard’s cinematics in 5 years unless John Carmack’s got an amazing secret sitting on his hard drive.

No, just poor at reading, apparently. Just trying to help out, based on what I misread. Thanks for calling me a retard for doing that!

Still no love for the gnomes.

How long is it?

The new trailer seems very boring, very ‘meh’ to me. There is no variation on the placement/introduction of the characters and a lack of momentum or “action” with the camera movement/transitions.

  1. Show class/toon against a backdrop
  2. Have them do something and move in for closeup
  3. Rpeat for next class

It all seems very…stiff somehow compared to the original trailer, or even the coke-taiwan commercials. Well at least it’s not as chunky as the Warhammer Online commercial. The Mark of Chaos intro was spectacular though.

Friends of mine claim that all of Blizz’s real talented art people left to form Red5 last year.

That trailer would imply they still have some real talented art people there now.

So that trailer was produced by people with no talent? Wow, maybe I should try making one.

No, that came off wrong.

I meant to actually quote it as the “really talented people” – not my words, but words from other artsy people in the industry who work for Blizz/NCSoft etc based on their self-absorbed opinions of all the post-launch work that had been coming out.

YMMV of course, but these opinions were that the expansion design was lacking compared to the original launch came, with “those who were really responsible for WoW” moving onto greener pastures.

I didn’t mean to imply the people who left were “not talented.”