So is anyone here a CCG geek and getting into this?

I was lucky enough to secure some starters and a box of boosters before today’s official release, and the quality of both the cards and the gameseems quite high. The starters themselves are pretty cool – they’re triple-thickness DVD cases that can comfortably hold 2 full 6-card decks, the over-sized instruction book, paper, pencil, and over-sized hero cards.

I’m very surprised (and somewhat dismayed) that they’ve so blatently copied so many of M:tG’s rules, but I guess that style of gameplay is proven solid.

Major differences from M:tG:
-Better ‘mana’ system (called ‘resources’ in WoW) where you put down any card face down to become mana, rather than relying on specific cards. i.e. no more being ‘mana screwed’.
-Use of hero cards for custom starting HP and abilities. If they have a weapon, heroes can attack and defend just like allies (creatures).
-Combat is fairly different. By default, it is always 1-on-1. You declare an attack by declaring any of your allies (creatures) or hero is attacking an enemy ally or his/her hero. By defaults, attack cannot be blocked, though there is an ability that will let certain defenders substitute themselves for the intended target.
-Overall, games appear to be faster with fewer turns, since it is an offensively-geared game, rather than highly defensive (like Magic).

Yes, I got some very good deals from


By the way, if anyone here bought anything, it ships tomorrow.

Isn’t the head designer Brian Kibler, the M:tG professional? Not a big surprise to stick with what works (WoW CCG is to M:tG what WoW is to EQ).

Sounds exactly like the system popularized in the VS CCG.

M:tG actually had this with the Vanguard cards back in the Tempest era. It never really caught on because the heroes weren’t balanced, but it was fun for casual play.

Exactly like in the VS system.

Again, just like in VS. VS usually is a 5-7 turn game.

This sounds remarkably not original in any way. However, if it turns out this is a refinement of the best of the positive qualities of the best CCGs then I may give it a try. If anything, that aspect is the most “WoW” thing about the game from what you’ve described.

Matt Gallant is a Viral Mouseketeer.

The really cool thing is some of the cards have codes that get you in-game items including the possibility of a freaking turtle mount!

True, although these are pretty rare, with me finding a quote an early marketing quote saying that these could be “as rare as one in every few hundred boosters.” At $4/booster MSRP, that adds up to an awful lot of money spent on boosters looking for one. Although that statement may have been issued before they finalized the rarity, though.

In 32 boosters, I got 1 scratch-off, and it was for the freaking tabard.

As of a couple days ago, the turtle mount was worth ~$300, the hippogryph pet was worth about $50, and that tabard is worth jack shit.

Yeah, that makes sense. I haven’t played Vs. but since WoW and Vs. are both Upper Deck games, it makes sense that they would recycle those mechanics. So it sounds WoW is basically a fusion of Vs. and M:tG for the most part.

If anyone in the Seattle area gets into this, PM me. Maybe we can get a game together.

I was insanely into M:tG back in college. One of my friends is currently ranked 24th in North America and 75th in the World. I just stopped caring after Mirrodin, moved on, and haven’t looked back.

Part of me misses the fun of a good CCG though, but another part knows that I probably shouldn’t get involved since I tend to get way too Gung-Ho once I get started.

That said, if there’s anyone near Madison, WI that’s interested in this game, I’d consider picking it up for some casual play. Send me a PM.

The BC CE has two starter sets, doesn’t it?

From the description it seems that yes, it does.

So if I order a box from you will you ship in a discrete and badly beat up box with the words GIFT on the declaration to confuse the custom people… and my wife?

If the game is good I hope Blizzard considers adding an online version, preferably one that you can play inside WoW. It would be fun to find virtual cards for my virtual decks as loot drops from monsters.

I had the same thought. I’d love to see something like this. Hell, I’d probably even pay a premium for it (say $30 for the expansion that brought it and another couple bucks a month).

I won’t play normal TCGs any longer, though. The money sink factor plus the “nobody to play against” factor just ads up to make it a complete waste if I can’t play online.

Yeah, and when you kill Onyxia, it could drop a red card, and a little pop up box could jump up saying, “You’ve found a random rare red card! Do you authorize a $4.95 charge to your credit card to loot it?”

I bought some of this today at a local hobby store. It seems like Blizzard continues to come up with ways to print money. I only opened one pack, but the cards were great looking. There were creatures for your army (Ironforge Guards), equipment (hey, I got a Krol Blade! - no worries, it’s not that good here), spells (Curse of Agony) and quests (It’s a Mystery To Me). I got one character card (I think this is normal) but it was a Resto Druid. Boo! :) The card text is very reminiscent of MtG, so I’m sure anyone with experience playing any sort of prior card game won’t have any issues picking this up.

Anyone who’s played WoW will smile at the references, because they’re all familiar.

The starter pack contains a deck and 2 boosters (that’s what it says on the outside of the box; I haven’t opened it). If the TBC collector’s edition comes with 2 of these starter packs, then that’s around $30 in merchandise you get in addition to TBC itself, making the collector’s ed a very good deal.

The boosters were for sale at the store I was in for $5 each, and they were a couple bucks higher on the starter decks too. I wouldn’t be surprised if this printing sells out fast and we see em all on ebay for outrageous prices (assuming there’s a limit to the printing, and they just don’t crank out beelions of cards).

Now all I gotta do is find someone to play against!

Those prices are insane. You can get them much cheaper online at the URL mentioned above, and I was able to get them even cheaper(!) from a local sports card shop who sold me a box of boosters for $65 (MSRP=$96), and will continue to sell them at that price through at least Sunday. He was also selling starters for $12. (MSRP=$15)

Frankly, as much as you may want the cards, I would boycot anyone selling over MSRP. You don’t need to pay that much unless it’s the only vendor around and you’re not willing to wait a couple of days to have some shipped to you by ordering online. By buying over MSRP you’re only going to encourage that, and CCG’s are overpriced enough as it is.

The only way this will happen is if they can’t print them fast enough, or if they suddenly switch editions such that this original edition is worth more. But you’re crazy if you think Upper Deck isn’t going to print these as fast as they possibly can. These aren’t the beta days of Magic where the demand caught Wizards off-guard. Upper Deck knows exactly what they’re working with and they want to make money by selling cards…

What can I say on the prices - there are only two stores for sure in my area that I know are selling em, and this was the closer one. While they might be available elsewhere, I’m not sure I have the intense desire to hunt them out. As an impulse buy I didn’t want to order them online (but now that I’ve seen a sample I just might).

I wonder how large of a printing they are doing for this game. One of the selling points of a CCG is that first word - Collectible.

The value of a box of Alpha and even Beta M:tG cards increased in value by 2000-4000% in roughly a decade, but back then WotC was a small company and the production of the cards was probably no where near the scale of what a brand new WoW game commands.

I’m down to 9 Booster Packs-- not boxes, packs-- and 6 starter sets. And the distributor says Upper Deck is telling him that they aren’t going to be shipping more to anyone except their affiliate retail stores (a program which online stores are not allowed to join) until JANUARY.

In case it helps, there is a store locator on the website. I think physical-store sellers get their cards directly from Upper Deck, so they should all be registered and listed. It’s probably worth checking it out, and maybe making some calls to ask about pricing and availability if you plan on buying in any quantity…

Ya, I know about that… .Check Virginia, there are about 8 locations listed. And the place I got em from isn’t even in that list. As for the availability, it being limited doesn’t surprise me. There are very few CCG titles that print unlimited numbers. The print run for this may be large, but it’s not unlimited.