[WOW] Collectors Edition?

Can anyone give some advice on where I can buy this online? Its impossible to get it locally now in Australia, ebgames and barnes and noble are out of stock. A lot of others don’t even have it. I got screwed first time around as well and ended up having to buy one on ebay for double the price. Any help appreciated.


Yeah, good luck with that. The WoW collectors edition wasn’t what a normal PC game collectors/limited edition was. It was a limited, one time run thing. I think I saw an unopened one on Amazon the other day for about $3,500USD.

Good luck with your hunt, unfortunately, you may be looking quite a while. Unless you mean the Burning Crusade CE, in which case you’d need to put down a pre-order at EB/Amazon/wherever.


And good luck with that too last I saw they sold out of them.

Oh, really? Heh. I think I have a pre-order for Burning Crusade at EB, but I did it late and probably wont get it. Ahh well.

I have the original WOW collectors edition. Want the expansion one, since, as you say, they truly are limited. And not only that they are worth the price tag.

Ebgames isnt taking anymore orders. Amazon is out of stock… I have an old preorder for the expansion in the UK but they so far have not stocked the limited edition so wanted to cover my basis and look for it somewhere else.

3.5k! Your kidding! Mine cost me $160…

I saw a bunch of the original WoW CEs going for $500+ not long ago. I’m sure people are reserving BC CEs with the intention of reselling. I wonder how many Blizzard is printing up? They could probably sell half a million easily, if not double that.

I pre-ordered my BC CE when it went up on Amazon a while back

My understanding is they do 10% of all current pre-orders. I can’t recall where I heard that however.

the interesting question is how the pet is going to work…is it going to be linked to a toon or to the account? If to a toon, that means the pet will have to go with a new BC toon. I’m hoping for linkage to the account, so I can give it to my current level 60.


I imagine it’s just like the regular CE where you get to choose the pet one-time in your start zone. There will be some NPC with CE reward pets in the new zone.