WoW: Come play on Moonrunner/Alliance!

The posts buried in other WoW threads have gotten enough response that I thought I’d put up a new thread and see how many more people we could get.

We have a guild on Moonrunner called Drop Bears that consists mostly of folks from these forums and #qt3. The guild has been mentioned in several WoW threads over the past few weeks, and our membership has been growing.

Moonrunner is a fairly new server, created in July I believe. We are generally queue free, although for a couple of weeks after Christmas we did have queues, the longest of which was I think 300 or so.

We aren’t trying to be an uber end raiding guild (yet), so it’s not a big deal what class you want to play. If you want to fill in holes, we could use priests, warlocks, and mages. If you just want to play your favorite class, that’s cool too. Most folks in the guild are under level 40, and there are plenty of people available to help you with quests if you need it.

The best way to get an invite is to do a /who Drop Bears and send a /tell to anyone that’s online. Pretty much anyone over level 20 will either be able to invite you or will be able to tell you who to ask. Names to look for would be Sonjia, Unioncarbide, Fygar, Qwilek, Maelman, or Bakemeacake.

How many people are actually in the guild?

I remember looking at your webpage and the roster had maybe 20 characters, several of which seemed to be alts.

The roster on the guild page is inaccurate as it relies on people to enter their characters. At peak we have 13 or so people online. There are 65 characters in the guild total.

40 of those are UC’s alts. But hey UC is a nice guy, so go play with him.

according to /ginfo, there’s currently 33 accounts, 66 characters.

Hmm just what I need, to roll another alt.

I don’t think I’d be up for a lock/mage/priest at the moment though… maybe another warrior, I can level those to 20 in my sleep.

No one cares what you roll at all, seriously. If we get to a point where we are hurting for endgame instances then the most dedicated of us can bring up some priest/warrior/mage alts. Right now, it’s all fun and games.

Dannimal and I already have some tauren on Moonrunner, but we’ll promise not to spit on you. (this is where the smiley would go)

One of my goals in life is to tank the Baron with a gnome. My gnome warrior on Bronzebeard is only 13 so maybe I will ditch him and create one on Moonrunner. Maaaaybe. =/

As soon as I can transfer characters, I’m in.

Boo! Boo! Roll a new one! We’re mostly low level.

I’m tempted. I have a level 7 warrior on that server, but I’ve been chugging away on my lvl 29 (as of this morning) mage on another server, determined to get to level 60. Maybe I’ll split some time between them, though.

I just levelled a warlock to 20 in the Horde on Hellscream, but Alliance/Moonrunner you say? Hmm.

Do you have teamspeak?

Not really needed since we’re not doing anything even remotely resembling raids at the moment, but yes, it is available.

Ok, Stokely, a level 3 gnome warrior, is on Moonrunner. I’ll whisp someone in Drop Bears later. God knows how much or how little I will play him.

In the meantime I expect a donation of 50g for twinking purposes. : P

I’ve been left in the dust by my obsessed friends on another server, so I think I will start up a new mage on Moonrunner.

What’s the class mix like on Moonrunner?

I’m slightly tempted, but I don’t want to play one of the classes I’ve done before.

Then play one of the classes you haven’t done before.

My hunter’s just at 25, but so far I’ve seen quite a few paladins and fellow hunters.

I’ve linked to a list of everyone in the guild sorted by class twice already, but here it is again.

Also, WE ARE NOT A RAIDING GUILD. Nobody cares what you roll, so roll what you want to play. If we get to the point where we need specific classes, we’ll recruit them out of the server population.