WoW: Config tweaks to help performance?

I love WoW PvP and I was having a great time until I got TBC. Now I’m getting 12 FPS in the Outlands. I’ve tried turning everything down to minimum but it’s not helping. I was able to get 25-30 FPS in the BGs before. Does anyone know of anything other than “uncheck boxes, sliders to the left” to help me?

What videocard do you have and what resolution do you use? Might be time to upgrade.

I can vouch for an 8800gts giving 60fps+ in outlands at 1280x1024 with everything maxxed.

Draw distance seems to have the biggest effect on frame rate by far, so uh, move its slider to the left…

Upgrade your computer?

  • Unstable Athlon XP 3200 (400 FSB running at 333 because it will crash otherwise… been doing this for two years).

  • A gig of 400 DDR

  • A geForce 6200 AGP.

It’s not a very sexy setup but it ran WoW agreeably before the expansion and I’d really just like to find a way to get an acceptable framerate going. WoW is the only game I play and I don’t like the idea of dumping a few hundred dollars into upgrades for what used to be a budget-friendly game.

It seems the places that give me trouble are the ones with funky effects in the sky - Hellfire and the ramparts specifically. I noticed when I went into the Blood Furnace things picked right back up again.

I just bought this 6200 in November as a $50 replacement to another 6200 that was working fine in WoW. I’m about a month past the return date and now I really wish I’d had $100-$150 for a replacement last year. Then again my cpu could be limiting me just as much for all I know.

The CPU should be fine; I have an Athlon XP 2400+ and it’s perfectly playable (usually around 20 FPS) in Outland, but that’s with a high-end (for the time, anyway) video card.

Maybe there are some goofy shaders or particle effects I could turn off in the NVidia control panel? I’m sure that will make it impossible for me to figure out what people are casting in PvP but I’m willing to try anything.

I upgraded my system hardware and it was far more effective at improving framerates than any tweaking for WoW ever was.

Also, with a spell alert add-on (such as Witchhunt) it will just tell you what enemies (or optionally just your target) are casting.

No shit! Guess I’ll just muck around in all the NVidia tweaks I can find and then share them here. Yeah I realized after my first post that I have the built-in castbars turned on so I should be okay. Still, I like to be able to pick out the healers by the color of their spells and stuff. We’ll see how spell animations look once I turn my video card down.

I think it should still show them casting but perhaps not with all the detail. The color on the hands should identify what school people are casting anyway (fire, ice, shadow, holy, nature, etc).

I could live with that. As long as it’s visually distinct I’ll be just fine. I may get to upgrade my PC one day but the expense is wholly unjustifiable with our first kid only a few months away.

Understandable. By the time you can afford it (save your pennies!) you will be able to jump to an affordable quad-core CPU. :)

I’d also suggest putting some money into some safe investment vehicles so you can get ready for putting your child into daycare or pre-school.

Try sound off?

On a related note, does anyone know how to tweak the game so NPCs, and more importantly players, appear sooner when traveling? NPCs/Mobs can pop up close to aggro range, and even worse, most enemy players don’t pop into view until I’m right next to them.

This problem has been happening for at least 6 months. I recall a time when this wasn’t a problem, but maybe it was before I had a mount? Other players confirm this problem when I bring it up in game.

Yes, I have my draw distances at max, and I doubt it’s a hardware issue. The game runs pretty smooth on my rig, even in the most populated areas. I have 4g RAM, ATI 1600, etc.

Increase the view/LOD/etc distance…?

Could be a connection latency thing. If you’re lagging, even if you’re right next to an npc, you might need to wait for a moment before you actually seen him/her.

Same problem here, although it’s become noticeable since I’ve gotten my epic mount - it would be useful to find out if there’s a fix.

What mods are you running? The large database-style addons (Gatherer, Auctioneer, CensusPlus - anything that collects data) can really hamper your performance.

If you are an addon nut, switch as many mods as you can with alternatives that are available from They typically tend to be friendlier on memory usage partly due to shared libraries, and party due to decent coding. Use something like MCP to allow you to have ‘addon profiles’ that let you load heavy-hitters like Auctioneer when you need them, but have them disabled in a raid or whatever.

I think the problem is with drivers.

My PC is performing worse and worse whenever I install new drivers. I remember I was able to get 100 FPS in the Doom 3 test, now I get 75 or so.

I wish I could figure out exactly the problem but it would take just too much time. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the drivers. It’s not the first time that I see this happening.