WoW: Config tweaks to help performance?

Those huge database ones can usually be turned off manually anyway, which is good.

I would recommend biting the bullet and doing the following: clean install of Windows. Make it a nondestructive install or just a "wipe nothing but c/windows and c/my documents, and then load everything.

Couple things. First, overclock your vidcard as high as it will go. Use a tool that will enable overclocking when a D3D or OGL app is started, and disable it when the app exits (like ATI Tray Tools does for ATI cards). Second, download and install the NVidia “Coolbits” registry patch, which enables some extra settings in the NVidia CP. Find the setting labeled “frames to render ahead” or something similar, and set that to 1 instead of the default, which I believe is 3. Games should run much smoother after you do this. I also run a program which clears the windows wallpaper when a game is started, basically tossing it out of video memory. You don’t want your desktop taking up precious vidmem that your game needs.

Other quick checks:

  • Always keep your drivers up to date. Mainboard drivers, vidcard drivers, sound card drivers, whatever. Lots of driver updates include performance hacks and improvements for newly released games.
  • Is VSync enabled? If so, disable it.
  • Keep draw distance low.
  • Keep texture detail low.
  • Is your paging file static or dynamic? Set it to a static size, like 2048 megs, twice your physical memory capacity. That way it doesn’t have to play around on the HD if you ever exceed the current swap capacity.
  • Check your task manager processes for anything that looks like it might not be necessary. Dunno how familiar you are with this, but it would be a good idea to learn which processes your PC needs and doesn’t. For example, if you install QuickTime, you’ll get two iTunes-related processes that start every time you boot your PC. O&O Defrag and DiskKeeper will do the same. The Sun Java runtimes also install an update scheduler in your system startup. RealPlayer does something similar, running an update schedular process when you start your PC. There are tons of other examples. Learn to disable stuff like this.
  • Follow a “Disabling unnecessary Windows XP services” guide to turn off services you don’t need (and might even be potential security risks). I think I was able to kill about a dozen unnecessary services using one of the first links I found on google.

Basically, just give your PC every edge it can get.

Delete your addons directory, delete your WTF directory, and start over. If you haven’t cleared those out in a while, tons of addon cruft accumulates. Even a delete and reinstall will improve your performance noticeably.

Here’s a weird technical problem:
we have terriible lag/disconnect problem on one server on one machine.
Ie the machine can play on other servers fine, and other machines here can play on that server. and the problem is the machine and not the account, as we have replicated it with two different accounts. I deleted the wtf folder and the cache and this didnt fix it. Any ideas?

Also, some addons can cause serious hard drive accessing during gameplay.