WoW Cooking Video Cards?

Last night, while playing WoW I had a hard-crash Error 132 which actually shut my video card off, as well as ending the game session.

Knocking around the support forums, I found this:

All I can say is: Holy crap. Is this accurate? The code in the MoP client (5.0.4) can actually cook PC video cards unless you throttle the FPS settings?

That is astonishing, if true. How could the Blizz techs not catch something like this? Is anyone here “techie” enough to confirm or deny it?

Again? This has happened in the past and more than once.

I’m surprised video cards don’t have a hard lock on this sort of shit. There’s no reason for them to process so many frames per second or to “cook.” There’s a temp diode on every card now, blame ATI and nVidia, not Blizzard.

What video card do you have?

Most recently in the title screen of StarCraft 2 when it launched. They patched it almost immediately, but yeah.

One good thing about gaming on a laptop is you quickly notice software that has this problem. Most video drivers should allow force vsync, some without triple buffering if your rig can’t handle the performance hit.

Except… wow’s GPU usage notably drops if I turn vsynch on in most areas, and when it’s backgrounded the usage drops to no more than 20%.

So it’s maybe a Mac issue, but… (edit: or an Nvidia one? I’ve got an ATI…)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti, with the latest drivers.

This is definitely not Blizzard’s fault. Video cards die ALL the time, and if they die because you simply asked them to render a lot of stuff it isn’t the software’s fault. The card was either going to die anyway or the manufacturer needs to get their shit together.

The game shouldn’t cause 100% GPU utilization at all times. That’s basically a stress test. Now should your card fail a stress test? No, of course not. But the game still shouldn’t behave that way.

Blood Bowl used to be notorious for this too.

That’s a fair point… but this was a brand-new card. The failure/shutdown occurred about two weeks after installation and during routine stuff in WoW (meaning: Not a raid, lavish cutscene or fighting a zillion things on screen).

Nvidia lets you use Adaptive Vsync these days to your refresh rate, or half of it (which is usefull if you have a 120hz monitor). In WOW you should definetively use the sliders or edit the file to set it manually.

My wow is set to 7 FPS when i do not have focus and max 60 if I have focus.

In a similar vein, I am unable to play WOW using DX11 (or any other game) without it crashing eventually. No idea why… but I have given up trying. (lotro, wow, etc… all cause NV display driver to reset and drop me in the desktop).

Are you kidding? If I write driver-level shader code that’s compiled to GPU microcode that will work on my Super Fancy FX 9900 high-end video card, there is no reason that you should have to run that on your Budgeteer 100 card. And yes, if your hardware doesn’t have built-in shutoff as a hard constraint (which it should, but a budget card may not), your card will cook.

Not that I’m ragging on Sims 3 shader code. Not at all.