WoW: Did they put all of china on our servers?

Normally, I’d say that HRose was drawing a lot of baseless conclusions – on any subject. Here, I’d like to say that my experiences with the various servers might agree with this assessment.

Every time there’s a new server, I enjoy taking a couple of character through the opening levels. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a rich open world that’s practically empty. One of the first things that you note is that there is absolutely no lag. On Moonrunner (which opened 4-5 days ago), you can page through the AH like it’s a book, and grab all your mail without having to wait for the last mail to disappear.

On servers where they’ve announced hardware upgrades, you’ll notice a certain responsiveness and stability. Stormrage is a high population server, and has been for quite a while. However, even during prime times, the AH and the email systems are still usable.

Compare that to Llane, a server that’s never been brought down for upgrade. During prime times, both the AH and email are completely unusable. You’ve got to mash the Search button on the AH at least 4 to 5 times before getting any results, and you end up spending an hour going through a full inbox.


Eh, the AH/email is usuable on Stormrage but its not very pleasant. I can’t wait till I get a new system and a new vid card. IF just kills my hd and ti4800.

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I’ve noticed that many servers are listing as “Full” now in the Realm Select screen. It still will let you to the character creation screen on a Full realm, though I don’t know if you can actually create a character and enter the world (on the off chance you can, I didn’t want to waste a character spot in case they did hard-cap it at some point).