[WoW] <Drop Bears> on Moonrunner-Alliance: our top ten players are all Sluggo

Since this is getting spread out among two or three different threads, let’s just put it all in one place for clarity’s sake.

<Drop Bears> is the quasi-official Alliance WoW guild for Quarter to Three. Begun by forum superstar Athryn and friends in October of 2005, it celebrated its fifth anniversary last month. On paper, we are a casual guild; in practice, the “casual guild” designation has lost some of its specific nature. The guild also includes a number of people from outside the Qt3 community.

Some members are achievement-seeking grind monkeys, like myself; some are die-hard PVPers; and others enjoy raiding. Over the last couple of years, the guild’s population has grown to such an extent that you can probably find a few people around to do just about anything.

We’re on the medium-population, low-ranked server Moonrunner, which is notable for its raiding scene exploding into a drama firestorm approximately once every twenty-three minutes. The server is heavily dominated by the Alliance, with an approximate 3:1 ratio against the Horde.

The guild is open to all members of Quarter to Three and their friends and family. To join, visit our website and register an account. If you do not use your main character’s name as a username, we will change the displayed name for organization’s sake. Post an introduction in the Join Requests board to let us know you’re out there; since several of our officers aren’t Qt3 members, just saying something on here may result in confusion and/or hilarity.

Once in-game, type “/join dropbears” to enter our out-of-guild chat channel, and see if you can find an officer. This includes myself, as Axebeard or one of my legion of alts; anyone you see in there named “Mel-” something; Madhax; the -uggo family of alts, which belong to Sluggo; Zabuni; or Eyejinks.

If you would prefer to play as Horde, don’t do it on Moonrunner. Instead, roll on Arathor and join <Quarter to Three>.

I’m going to roll a character on moonrunner as soon as the shattering happens. Thanks for posting this.

They are cool people.

LOL @ the thread title.

That said, I’d been meaning to make a similar thread to this. I was once in a hardcore raiding guild that sucked all the fun out of the game, and swore I wouldn’t do it again. The Bears aren’t going to be fighting for server firsts in guild progression, but we do have a lot of people who like to raid and several people who are pretty good at it. We don’t get stuff done quickly, but that’s more because we’d rather take it easy and include everyone interested than form a leet raiding squad and beat our heads against the wall and test everyone’s patience.

More importantly, the most important rules of the guild are “don’t be a dick” and “no drama.” I’ve often called DB the opposite of trade chat – just like Qt3 has a better signal-to-noise ratio than your average internet forum, the Bears are a great group to hang out and play with, whether you want to level, raid, PvP or whatever.

sluggo’s description sounds like what I’m after currently. I’ve done the hardcore pvp thing (never did much arena after it came out though, couldn’t ever find a steady team) and the hardcore raid thing. I used to be go go go, but at this point I’d much prefer a more reasonable/relaxed atmosphere where things get done eventually and people can actually enjoy the game at their own pace.

I’m reinstalling (on a big ~5GB patch at the moment. Yeesh.) I’ll register on the guild site, join the channel, and all that jazz. (Not doing it yet because not sure if the character name I want is taken.)

Hopefully WOW has a good Patch Tuesday. If so I’ll be around tonight sometime. I’ve still only got a Burning Crusade account for the moment. I’ll probably take a brief detour and see if any of my 70’s are suddenly awesome at AV first. Heh.

Blizzard, what have you done with the place?

The bears is good people.

I joined the Bears a couple of months ago.

A nice group of people. They even put up with my rambling streams of consciousness on guild chat, so you know it’s a compassionate bunch of souls. :)

Come be a newbie with me.

Once the expansion drops, I’ll roll a new character and join up.


You know, Zax, I was briefly mistaken in that I filed your son under “child” rather than “young adult.” Then I logged on to see this:

[Guild] [Dellistia]: midget hookers are the only safe investment in today’s economy

Congratulations. I can see the resemblance.

Axe forgot to mention that we also have a Facebook page.

Facebook group join request sent ^^

And now, to see how many hours Blizzard will extend the downtime.

This is a fun game. (the waiting game)

Btw, I am now King of the Drop Bears because I was the only to ride the server all the way down in flames.

Tribute will be submitted in gold, khorium or man-purses and should be left on the table with the flowers.

Time for a testimonial!

I came into Wow for the first time about a year and half ago. I just got off my first “MMO” guild wars and had other friends who play Wow but always had a hard time getting over that monthly fee. I joined drop bears roughly a month into play where I was immediately showered with gifts (netherweave bags for everybody)! I pretty much was quiet for the next 9 months while I slowly leveled my mage to 80 mostly with RL friends. We had a set group of 5 people so it was pretty ideal to do quests and run instances together.

I had never raided up until this point except for a spur of the moment Karazhan run Axe threw together one night. After that one taste of raiding I knew that was what I enjoyed most in the game. I went on a heroic random binge for badges as soon as I hit 80 to gear myself up quickly. I still remember the first time they took me into ICC as a completely inexperienced raider. I still remember all the noob mistakes I made that first night but they were all very patient and understanding. End game raiding was so different from anything else I’ve had experienced in the game so far. I was hooked at that point (mostly because I enjoyed the interesting encounters, mechanics, challenge, level of coordination, ok and a bit of purple fever) and tried to raid as much as possible time and family commitments permitting. Next thing you know I’m reading ej, running rawr, doing extensive gear planning, dove deep into custom UI, analyzing world of logs, etc. Meanwhile the bears were running at least two 10 man icc groups regularly and a low pressure 25 man on friday. Being a casual raiding guild there weren’t exactly fixed raid teams per say. The raid leaders were very fair in doing approvals taking into account basic gear requirements and raid comp. This way you aren’t on a fixed schedule with attendance or any of that nonsense. You just sign up for the raids you are interested in and anybody can create a raid event.

We might be a casual raiding guild but there are some very talented players in the guild with a pretty large pool of active raiders to draw from. We might take a bit longer but the job still gets done eventually.

Things I’ve been able to do and see because of the bears:

  • Pretty much every encounter in WOTLK except for the latter half of Ulduar (someday though).
  • LK kill
  • Halion kill
  • Being able to play with more experienced raiders. Observing those players especially those of my class really helped improve my own skills.
  • Bear mount (for the alliance)

Being in the bears is what makes wow such a rewarding experience.

I’m going to bump this since we’re less than a week out from Cataclysm.

Drop Bears are pretty awesome, and don’t afraid of anything.

I know Moonrunner is a Pacific time server, but I transferred my priest off a while ago, so it has been a while since I’ve been there. I’m curious how much guild activity there is during East Coast primetime - are people around, or does it tend to skew more towards the West Coast crowd?

Blizzard really needs to get cracking on its promised revamp of the “looking for guild” system. They “recommend” servers to new players based on server load & population, and this becomes a huge disservice to many players that end up on server a different time zone than they one in which they live.

I’m very fortunate to have found my needle in the haystack - a guild that raids on Friday & Saturday nights, after 9pm PST. Holy smoke, those are rare.

I think we tend to be pretty friendly to anyone in a US time zone. A lot of our raids will start at 6-ish PST, which makes it possble for people on the east coast to go 9-11. Sometimes we’ll start at 7PST, and on Mondays we’ve often done a “last-chance” weekly at 9PST which usually lasts 20 minutes. We raid a lot, but we’re not “hardcore” about it, so we don’t do four-hour raids that go until 2 in the morning that would be tough on east coasters.

Moonrunner was originally an EST server, and it actually still skews that way. There are a bunch of us from the East Coast in the guild, and events tend to be friendly to both coasts.

This really sounds awesome. My mains are horde at the moment, but I’m getting the feeling that my guild is dying a slow death. One thing about wow, I’ve never had a problem starting new. And being horde, I really really miss having a Dwarf, I love being a dwarf.