WoW: end game poll

With all the recent discussion about WoW’s end game, I’ve become curious to see how the masses feel about it. So speak up and let your voice be heard! Please note that by end game I’m mostly referring to raids, since that’s what most of the end game consists of. If your end game is different then vote for how you feel about your end game.

These numbers aren’t very encouraging.

Where’s the option for “I haven’t bothered to reach the end game because I don’t care about raiding”?

Slackers like you don’t get to vote.

I voted dislike, but I was actually just voting on raids. I think if I actually voted on the sum of WoW’s end game, which to be fair includes some other things like world PvP, I’d probably have voted like.

Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. You made the poll and then misinterpreted it? And you’re worried that the numbers don’t sound encouraging?

Chris Woods

You really ought to think about getting one character to 60 at or so just to check out some of the upper end dungeons at least once. Dire Maul North tribute runs are, IMO, the most fun dungeon in the game.

At least I corrected my misinterpretation and I admitted my heinous gaffe publicly so all you fine folks can use it to ridicule me. :)

Yeah, the instances are really fun the first few times you go through them. They only start to suck serious ass after you’ve been through them 900 times. And the game more or less forces you to do them that many times if you really wanna get the good loot.

I’m sure I will eventually. But my only character close (54 horde rogue) to that is on a server I don’t play on anymore because I don’t have any friends left on that server (they all quit playing). I won’t play exclusively with random tards. I’d rather poke my eyes out. I need to have at least a friend or two around.

That being said, I’m sure the druid/rogue pair I’m playing with my GF on elune right now will probably hit 60 by fall at the latest, possibly even sooner than that. We’ll end up doing some of the content, we have a decent guild with enough RL friends in it to make a full party.

The upper end dungeons are still lots of fun, IMO, if you can put that mental block between “I’m 60 and doing stuff that’s fun” and “But I can’t raid and progress all the way and that sucks.” I’d guess that even if you’re not interested in endlessly running the higher level dungeons for loot, most of them are entertaining for 5-10 run throughs as you get tactics down and see how varying group compositions adjust to the different bosses and the like. This number will drop pretty rapidly if you take 10-15 people in to do a 5-man dungeon of course.

my only character close (54 horde rogue) to that is on a server I don’t play on anymore

Is this your Rogue you started way back on Sargeras? If it is I’m still on there, getting from 54 to 60 doesn’t take that long but can be kinda boring since it’s usually fastest to grind it out instead of questing.

I’m not sure I’d call it “not very encouraging”. Given the small sample set, you haave as many people like/love it as you do that dislike it. You have as many people on the fence as hate it.

And one clown who goofed in voting (at least). ;)

It’s true, the first several times through are pretty fun, and rewarding since you get stuff you can actually use on almost every run. It starts to get boring when you’re doing runs for only one or two possible drops, or because there’s something someone needs to do there (Alchemy lab in Scholo, BRD for dark iron/blacksmithing).

I’d also point out at 60 that you can have some fun doing things that are just under you differently. Trying to figure out a way for me (druid, tank spec), a rogue, and a priest to reliably get to and kill Angerforge while trying to get the rogue the trinket he wants has been a lot of fun for me. Sure it’s a lower level dungeon, but Angerforge is no pushover for 3 people, and I’ve enjoyed trying to refine a strategy which is repeatedly workable. (We’ve killed him every time we’ve tried going down there, but not always on the first attempt.)

Of course, doing this type stuff doesn’t lead to much in the way of loot, so if one’s concern is mainly loot gaining efficiency it’d suck. I’m more of the “What can we pull off” type gamer though.

I had some fun soloing lower level instances. Warriors are a great class for that since they have AoE and wear plate. Best I managed was soloing Razorfen Downs. I wonder if someone tricked out in good gear could solo Uldaman (with a couple buddies along to activate the altar at the end).

Soloing instances is a nice way to get crap for alts, too. I make periodic VC runs with my (at the time low 40s) Hunter to get middling greens and linen/wool for my tailor/enchanter alt.

I’m having trouble thinking of any class that could handle the adds at the end… the classes with AE to knock them out quickly are too fragile, and the tough classes even at low damage per hit would get swarmed. I know a couple of times I’ve died farming SM simply because with 8k AC and 6k hp as a bear they still can wear me down if I have to take down 10-12 of them with no chance to heal in between. Though I’ve thought multiple times about trying Ulda myself. (Anyone know if you can re-do the map-room sequence there after you’ve done the quest the first time? That part still makes me grin with the obvious homage!)

People solo Uldaman a fair bit actually (not sure about the last boss though), along with RFD and ZF. I think SM is still one of the most popular choices though as it’s just so easy to rip through at 60 and get decent stuff to sell/DE.

Sounds like Warrior might still be the best shot then. Whirlwind/cleave/sweeping strikes/retaliation amounts to a lot of AoE for a plate wearing class. And the more guys swarm you, the more likely you are to be flooded with rage.