WoW Expansion Races and Classes

So we know the Horde will get Blood Elves as the expansion race and it seems like the conventional wisdom is that Alliance will get the fugly Draenei. What I haven’t seen yet is what classes will these races be able to be. Does anybody know?

That reminds me, I was going to ask.

February CGM says that it’s Draenei. But it’s such a small blurb, and partly informal, that I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not. Anyone who writes for CGM able to confirm or deny?

It has been said, however, that there won’t be any new classes.

It has been denied in a large thread on these very boards. CGM apologized for reporting rumor as fact (copy error, I believe).

yeah, I know, and that’s lame because new classes are way more interesting than new races.

What I want to know is, what will be the class options for the new races?

Ah, must have missed that thread. Oh well. I wish blizzard would just fess up, I’m not sure what they are gaining by holding back.

Threads like this? Everyone keeps talking about it.

Chris Woods

Yeah, thanks.

I think the smart money would have Blood Elves being able to play mages, warlocks, warriors, rogues, priests and hunters. Those seem to be the ones that make the most sense and fit in with the Warcraft Lore, at least.

I don’t want to speculate on what classes the new Alliance race will be allowed to play until the race is known, but it’s likely hunter, mage, and warlock will be included in the mix, since currently only two Alliance races can be those classes. Every race can be a warrior, so that will likely be there as well, and everyone but Tauren can be a rogue, so that’s probably another safe bet. I’d say the only ones that have a really small possibility are paladin and druid.

I seem to recall them saying they could be mages, warlocks, warriors, priests and were considering rogues but weren’t sure yet. I’m fairly sure hunters were off that list.

Though I’m not sure Paladins would fit the Blood Elf lore, I’d really like to see Paladins available to the Horde and Shaman available to the Alliance.

I am not sure about the blood elf hunter or priest. The class choices for each side goes 6/5/5/4. Humans and trolls have 6 choices, Orcs, Undead, Dwarves and Night Elves get 5 and the Tauren and Gnomes get 4 choices. I wonder if they will give new classes 6 choices to as to increase the number of people who try them out, or stick to 5, so that people don’t burn themselves out on account of Blood Elf parades.

I figures if they go for a bland 5, hunter or priest will have to go. I hope they give them druid as a choice, because druids are more restricted than the side specific classes of Shaman and Paladin. I think paladin will stay alliance only and shaman will stay with the horde, because how else could we whine about balance then?

Druid is a fun class. I hope bloodelves get druids, because I hate playing Tauren.

But based on what I’ve read of the Blood Elf lore, I would think Druid is about the last class they should get. Clearly Mage and Warlock should be available, and Warrior since everybody gets that… but the whole woodsy vibe of Druids and Hunters just doesn’t mesh with the Race Formerly Known As High Elf.

And priest doesn’t exactly mesh with undead. Wassyerpoint?

Shadow spec does.

Yeah, but High/Blood Elves did have rangers. And I’d say they’re not that different from hunters, functionally.

It’d be interesting if they took Hunters off the list for both races in an attempt to balance the classes. The last time I checked Hunters were the popular class.

The lore of warcraft has no bearing on anything. If you read the lore carefully, there is absolutly no way the blood elves would be a horde race. At best they would be an alliance race, at worst neutral. According to the lore its like this:

The blood elves:
Hate the undead and see no differance between the forsaken and scourge. Thier highest priority is to eradicate the undead AND forsaken.

Have an ancient hatred of the trolls and barely hate them less then the undead.

Think of the orcs as nothing more then clever animals.

The Orcs:
Loath the Blood elves because the orcs fought very hard to get rid of thier demon taint, and then watch the blood elves make the same pact. They despise what the blood elves did and despise them for doing it.

The Tauren:
Look at the blood elves as having an addiction to magic and look at them as weak wrteches giving in to thier addiction. They have a low opinion of the few high elves that remain, but at least the high elves are tying to kick the habit.

All that is from the offical WoW lore. It makes zero sense they blood elves would join the horde and zero sense the horde would even accept them. Not to mention the blood elves ended up being allys of the alliance in WC3. Also they do have a long history with the alliance and are not so stupid to recognized one asshole general should have totally destroyed a relationship that lasted 1000s of years.

My point is that the lore is total bullshit and you can not predict what blizzard will do based on lore. They will do whatever they hell they want weather or not it makes any sense at all. Do not look for logic, because you will not find any.

Also Forsaken are planning on killing all living people with a new plague. Yes, so play an Orc and go help them kill your race (yes, you can do their quests) and turn them into Forsaken. Woopie.

This looks like a hunter to me. Kinda doubt blood elves will have Priest as a class choice, though.