WoW Expansion Races and Classes

I got the impression that they were just looking to use the plague on humans.

But you’re still right in that the Horde are still more or less assisting them in that crap. Especially when there’s supposed to be some sort of tenuous cease-fire. That’s the one thing I absolutely hate about the Forsaken and how they’ve developed as a race.

They want their safety and security from The Scarlet Crusade, but they also want to commit genocide. Somebody didn’t think that through very well.

This is precisely true and the good thing is that the entire Azeroth “story” really doesn’t matter at all because what people tune in for is the gameplay. Honestly I don’t give a crap what the new race is. The new race could be “Deer” and all I would want to know was whether I could skin myself to get leather armor for my new Deer rogue.

It’s actually better when the “lore” of one of these games is relatively meaningless. It should be good enough so that it isn’t bothersome or stupid and bad enough that nobody becomes a fan of the storyline for it’s own sake.

If the story is too stupid then it will probably be ridiculed (I’m looking at you Antonia Bayle) and if it’s too good then people will get attached to it and care when the devs screw up the timeline or introduce absurdities (I’m looking at you MEO.)

So as it is 99% of the people don’t have a fricking clue what the Blood Elves signify other than “hot.”

That would be disappointing. Disappointing becuase I’m hoping to be able to play a blood elf priest and also becuase you know there will be tons of people who want to play the new race and what better way to guide people into the classes that aren’t as popular than to put them into the new races? Heck, by this reasoning, the new races should only be allowed to be Warlocks or Priests, right?

Priests are up for love in the next patch (1.10). :D

Are druids popular now? I remember they had horrible numbers before 1.8, lower than shamans or paladins despite being available to both factions.

yeah but it’s the disfunctional love of “baby I’m sorry I keep smacking you around – here, have a bouquet of flowers.”

I don’t know what the actual population numbers are. I just know that as I run around Moonrunner with my ‘me-too’ hunter I see tons of fellow hunters and lots of druids. Interestingly, I’m seeing a LOT of paladins too. Maybe Moonrunner’s just strange.

According to the Census mod, the breakdown across all servers and both factions goes like this:

Warrior 16%
Hunter 16%
Rogue 15%
Mage 12%
Priest 10%
Shaman 10%
Druid 9%
Warlock 9%
Paladin 8%

Pretty much the same rank ordering when you look at just Moonrunner.

I’m surprised there are that many Druids, actually, given that there’s only ONE class on each faction that can play as a druid.

I’m still pissed that shamans outnumber druids.

Although honestly, shamans always made my tauren druid feel useless.

All of the current class trees are getting a 41 point talent added on top of all of their trees. So, you’re not quite getting a new class, but you’ll still get to explore something new.

The Shaman is great, but we’d much rather have a resto-spec druid for endgame. And none of our Shamans can touch the moonkin for damage :)

Shamans are sucky healers. Druids are very good healers. Your druid is far from useless.

I’m surprised warlocks are so far down the list in popularity. They’re freaking powerful. A good warlock is hard to kill.

I’m surprised Pallys is so low…I swear I can’t turn around on the Alliance without running into a Paladin and/or hearing another “LFM got enough paladins”.

If you look at the undead, they have all the same classes that humans have, which I think was intentional.

Trying to stop making picky stats points but…can’t…resist.

  1. Your total adds to 105%; the Census mod Quick Stats I saw were identical except for shaman. My number was 6% rather than 10%, & makes the total 101%, which is explained by rounding.

  2. While these breakdowns are correct across the entire server, they best explain what you’d see on a huge PvP battlefield. Because shaman and paladins can each only be played by one side, the overall numbers don’t reflect what we see in our Alliance/Horde main cities or guild instance runs. For instance, my Alliance druid sees more than 8% paladins around me, but a third to half the server (Horde players) sees virtually no (live) paladins in general play.

My suggestion is to combine the shaman & paladin percentages, so the breakdown is:
Warrior 16%
Hunter 16%
Rogue 15%
Shaman/Paladin 14% (adding 8%+6% from the above)
Mage 12%
Priest 10%
Druid 9%
Warlock 9%

This fits my experience; I play both a druid & warlock, and I always see a lot more paladins around than others of my class.

See, its the other way for me. I see paladins all the time, as Horde. Feels like they’re everywhere, especially in battlegrounds.

I would say it’s less that they are hard to kill, so my as hard to stay alive long enough to do so.

I pvp’d for the first time in this game yesterday as a warlock in War Song Gulch. The first match I was in lasted five minutes, I couldn’t figure out how to res, no one would tell me, but I figured it out with enough time to still die six times and kill no one.

I pvp’d for the second time ten minutes later, I killed twenty seven people and died once.

Yeah my next char will be a blood elf Warlock. They are the hotness.

I have seen a lot more pallys since the 1.9 patch, but that doens’t mean anything really. How many pallys will you see in 3 months?