WoW: Favorite leveling character

Having already leveled a warrior to 70 in TBC, and after getting bored of wiping in Gruul’s Lair, I found that I’ve been hit with a serious case of alt-itis. At the moment I have a 70 warrior, 60 priest, 26 shaman and 9 warlock, and I’m enjoying questing on any of them, as well as getting into all the different professions.

I don’t really want to play through all the level 60-70 content again just yet, so I’m dabbling on the priest a little now and then but mostly playing the shaman followed by the warlock. I’m curious though, what character have you had the most fun leveling with?

Of course, you might prefer to level with a particular class, but hate its endgame. For instance I enjoyed leveling as a shadow priest, but hated both the healing whack-a-mole game as well as the DPS role when I was taken to raids as a dps class. I hated the healing because I was spending more time looking at ever-changing health bars rather than following the encounter. With dps I hated mashing the same buttons over and over, despite enjoying the nuking while leveling up. Leveling a fury warrior was fun, but without escape mechanisms I was dying a lot which sort of soured it. And I enjoyed tanking end-game instances more than leveling the warrior.

Right now I’m mainly playing a Draenei shaman. I had never really dabbled in the class, plus I wanted to see the new level 1-20 content, and had a blast questing in Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles. The Exodar also looks fantastic. But it feels like questing with a shadow priest again, in that I can both heal and nuke, except with a larger variety of spells and some very useful additional quirks which make me enjoy the class. With the warlock though I’m really having fun though. I haven’t played a pet class before, nor a pure DPS one, and the change is very refreshing and I’m excited about leveling that too. Chain fear! But then I think of the variety other classes offer - I’d like to check out the shape-shifting versatility of druids, the use of stealth with rogues, the more direct fire of mage dps and its added benefits like portals and conjuring, as well as the beast bonding with hunters.

I guess I just really love the game and haven’t gotten bored of it, and playing with a different class really often makes a game a world different. What class have you enjoyed leveling the most (regardless of end-game utility)?

I got my mage to 70 this weekend, and they are great fun. Free food & water, teleporting, and lots of punch. I’m nearly full frost, so survivability is high, too. I got an accidental pull of seven level 69 mobs in Shadowmoon Valley, and beat it.

I’ve got 2 60 rogues, a 60 Priest, 60 pally, nearly 60 mage and a 33 warlock.

By far the most fun I have leveling is with the lock and the rogue. For me as a caster warlocks are seriously powerful and it makes me grin every time I roll in an just wipe out a camp of murlocs with out even batting an eye.

I’ve only messed around at very low levels so far. My main hasn’t broken 35 yet. But of what little I’ve seen I’m finding hunter the most interesting. Deciding what pets to pick up and how to use and train them in addition to figuring out how to maximize DPS with your shooting or deploying traps for CC. Professionally he’s just a gatherer doing skinning and mining. The way I see it, down the road, he’ll be feeding gold or resources into other characters working on real professions. Since that’s mostly a solo job a hunter’s ideal for it in ways few other character classes are.

And I love getting compliments for my cooler pets. When’s the last time someone complimented my warrior’s shoulder pauldrons?

Probably my feral druid, though I’ve had a lot of fun with arms and fury warriors too. My enjoyment of the warriors is highly dependent on their gear; the acquisition of a new weapon can be like a shot in the arm.

Maybe because ‘Hey dude, I love your shoulders!’ sounds gay?

I don’t remember getting actual compliments, but when I got my Drednaught Pauldrons I sort of got a tail of people inspecting me in Orgrimmar…

Warrior. Hitting Charge (I think that’s what it’s called) never gets old.

Course, I haven’t played in half a year. Oh well. :)

To be honest, a warrior is not so great for leveling, I’m not sure if it was so good before either. My druid (65) is probably the funniest and it kills single targest faster than any of my other characters. The warlock (65) is better against multiple targets, and it’s also better defensively if someone tries to gank you. The priest (61) has been pretty horrible for leveling so far, but I only did a few quests in Hellfire. As a priest I’d probably try to level in instances as much as possible, but it’s also very easy to find groups as a priest.

I took a warrior to 41, but that’s because I was on vacation with plenty of free time to do group instances and quests - great time doing that. As a solo character though I really didn’t enjoy it, so I switched to warlock (now 61) and I love it - it suits my mostly solo style of play better, especially as I don’t have time for instances, although a lok is clearly not in demand for groups (the one time I tried to get into Zul’Ferrak with a group, they kicked me out after a better character appeared shortly before entering!). There’s still a degree of “which pet shall I use” although after a certain level you tend to settle with a voidy tank for all (as an affliction spec, at least).

Rogue. Absolutely cheater. Their abilities are stupidly fun. The only downside is that you’re basically stuck in the Combat tree until like level 55 when you can spec mutilate effectively.

Warlocks are probably the best leveling class right now thanks to the buffs in the TBC patch, but I don’t think as fun as Rogues. The nice thing is that two of three talent trees are good for leveling.

Hunters would be my favorite except for the constant ammo/food concerns. Marksmanship and especially Beast Mastery are both good trees.

I’m an altoholic, trying every class other than warrior up to 15 or so. I think I’ve enjoyed my hunters the best. I just dig the gun thing, despite the dwarven starting area. I’ve got a new blood elf hunter starting up on Arathor. I hope the bow gets me past 15 with this one.

Shaman comes in a close second. They just have a lot of neat things they can do. I have two Shamans over 25, one for each faction. They are a blast.

The best starting area in the game is the Draenai area. Great art and the quests come in groups of three and four. It almost makes you sad to go back to the regular game. The blood elf area, the only area outside of the orc starting area that I’ve missed, has a lot to live up to.

I heard a female DJ (96.1 in Atlanta) mention that she loved listening to Nine Inch Nails while grinding her lvl29 warlock.

Course, I hate that station. Bunch of punky whine rock, and a total lack of Hendrix.

Rogue and Hunter, because they’re so much fun to PvP with. The hunter is particularly fun now that we can lay traps during combat.

Warlocks and Priests, because there’s very little downtime with either if you spec right.

Warriors are fun at 60+ and much less so before then. Probably because they depend so heavily on gear, and good gear is extraordinarily rare pre-60.

Warriors are fun at 60+ and much less so before then. Probably because they depend so heavily on gear, and good gear is extraordinarily rare pre-60.

If you have the help to get yourself a Whirlwind Axe in the low 30s a jolly good time ensues.

Hunter and Shaman. The hunter because it’s basically a group all on its own, and the shaman because it has an answer to virtually anything PVE throws at it.

I played every class a bit, but Warlock and Druid were the most fun to level. With proper spec both have virtually zero downtime ever and both have good “Oh Shit”-buttons for adds and other surprises.

Hunter (my main) and feral druid are my faves so far, both have very little down time. The only time my hunter needs to stop to drink is if his pet dies or after a long touch and go encounter, where I’m throwing every shot I have athe mobs just to stay alive. The feral druid is the same without the pet problem and as you get to higher levels you can get out of most survuvable sticky situations by playng safe and going bear.

I’ve had fun times with my warrior, rogue and lock, but for consistency the hunter and druid win habds down.

My warlock has zero downtime. The only time I ever stop and rest/drink/eat/whatever is when I get a surprise add or three. Or four.

When I do have to stop and heal, it consists of: resummon pet. Life tap until mana is full then bandage (heavy netherweave gets me up to about 60-70% full from almost dead). Afterwards, find an easy group of mobs then one by one Curse of Shadow then drain life (with the occasional life tap) to fill health back up. For about 30 minutes of playing, I have about 10 seconds of ‘downtime’. It’s fucking great.