WoW: Finally, character transfers

It’s bit more restrictive than expected, but it’s a start.

That’s a little unclear. What they’re doing is taking each individual high-pop realm and assigning it a different low-pop realm, which is the only place you can transfer characters to.

Will you allow us to move our characters to the realm of our choice at some point?
We are considering offering players that option in the future.

That’s pretty ambiguous.

The Nathrezim forum is pretty entertaining right now. The anthill is teeming with activity…

That’s a little unclear. What they’re doing is taking each individual high-pop realm and assigning it a different low-pop realm, which is the only place you can transfer characters to.[/quote]

I can see the point, I suppose they are trying to prevent simply moving the problem to a different server. If servers A, B, and C, are high pop. and server D is low pop., having 30% of the people on A, B, C move to D isn’t going to solve much.

This seems fair to me. It’d be nice to be able to transfer to whatever realm you want, but if Blizzard’s goal is to fix the overpopulation problems --indeed a worthwhile goal-- then this seems like the way to go.

The only downside is that those previously low population servers will have an influx of high level characters. Or will they? I’m not sure that people will move their characters and leave friends. I would also be pretty hesitant to be one of the “early adopters” of this service, especially if I had a level 60. Too much anxiety about my character being lost in the ether between realms.

It may be fair, but without more control on where I’m going I’m going to stay put.

Then again, I haven’t played in like two weeks, so I suspect I’m going to drop it anyhow…

Ha! I predicted this in my long-winded, self-mastabatory blog months back! I warned Blizz that this would happen, but they refused to listen to my superior wisdom! Now they are reaping what they have been sowing.

Oh! And the graphics suck! See the jaggy on my dwarf?

I suspect entire guilds will uproot and move.

I suspect that Blackrock isn’t going to get much better, since most of our population problems are caused by the fact that we have the majority of the Aus/NZ players.

You know, not to say HRose didn’t set himself up for this kind of thing, but I vote that we take this joke, along with the “Hey E5, which EB?” one, and scoot them over to the “too easy and overused” pile along with John Romero and Duke Nukem Forever.

I’m a little surprised that Frostwolf isn’t on the list. Personally, I play on Blackhand and I have to admit it’s tempting. I just wonder how difficult it will be to get a large guild to actually move. I’ve talked to a few people and they’re just hoping to hang tight while the small guilds and lone wolfs move away.

I wonder if, in the future once migrations become more common, they’ll reconsider their position which currently states that players would not be allowed to migrate between server types.

I suspect this is what’s going to happen, too. It’s the reverse of the Commons Dillemma where people overfish/overfarm/overgraze a community resource to the point of extinction because they’re afraid that if they don’t someone else will and they better grab what they can. Except in this case everyone will want to stay on their familiar server and want everyone else to jump ship.

I surprised Uther isn’t in this Character Relocation Program, either. It’s one of the more problematic servers, and the area outside the AH in Ironforge only seems to get worse by the day. I’d think they’d want to do something, anything, to get people out of there and onto another, more stable server.

There’s also the curious reverse economy that develops in these games. The more people available to use the AH. the more goods and services become available. You get more inflation, but it doesn’t really keep up with the gold supply that can be made from selling items. On a low-pop server it would be a lot harder to find components for things than on the high-pop servers. A good example would be people who can be very high-skill tailors or alchemists at very low levels simply by buying the materials they need to practice their skills. So long as they have cash, they can advance their abilities quickly. On a low-pop server they would have a different play style, needing to delay gratification until they are at such a level that they could obtain the materials themselves.

The reverse part, to clarify, is that raw materials generally sell for more than finished goods, as opposed to the real world.

Me too, but I’m actually glad. FW hasn’t had any queues for a long time. I think the pop level is really pretty good. The bank/AH plaza in IF, and the griffon in IF, are the only places that I run into performance problems. If they opened it up for moves, I’d be worried that a bunch of people would leave and it would be hard to find pickup groups and to buy/sell stuff on the AH. I thought for sure FW would be on the list, just because it was so overloaded in Nov/Dec/Jan. I’m happy to see that it isn’t.