Wow game cards

A question and a bit of a rant.

So I run out two days ago and buy a shiney new copy of WOW after a nearly hour long Install I’m ready to go. I start setting up my account and then I get to billing information…I get a free month but apparently they need my card first? I swear no other mmporg has made me do that. So I’m a bit annoyed that I won’t be playing for another three weeks when I get my new Debit. Accept apparently you can buy game cards! So I head out the next morning and the guys (smug frail little assholes who I was soarly tempted to break into two) at EB and gamespot tell me it’s delayed till the 30th. So I figure I can deal that’s oneonly more day. Accept now they tell me no no they meant the 20th of “DECEMBER” our was it the first? Yeah one our the other. Ugh these people are seriously the dregs of retail and working in retail I know that’s saying something.

So eer yeah anyway the question is, Anyone buy any gamecards? I’m not really going to be waiting another month to play this am I?

p.s. Oh yeah there paypall thing isn’t set up yet either.

can’t say i’ve tried any out over the last 5 years that didn’t want a CC# before letting you play your free month… so either i haven’t tried out that many or something. the only one i really know of, off hand, that lets you truly try before you buy is AC2… but that’s the trial thing, not the “free month” when you buy it- as far as i know, that part still requires a CC#, too.

Except, Doug. E-X-C-E-P-T. Sorry, I know I’m a weenie, etc., just couldn’t let that one go.

What other MMO’s have you played, Doug? Every MMO I have played has required a CC# on file to get started.

I’m with mlatin. Every MMO wants your cc#. Hell, getting them to STOP billing you is/was a pain. Verant didn’t stop billing me until I switched credit cards (I had to dispute every charge until then).

Well I typed that one up right before I went to bed Jason so if it’s the worst mistake I made I’m glad. Also I swear DAOC didn’t make me put in all my information till after the first month but I’m probably wrong here and it’s just standard practice. Anway what it boils down to is…I WANT TO PLAY NOW! whah. I think I’ll now go read one of the threads telling me how much the launch sucks. :D

p.s. Oh and I was in the same boat with DAOC Jakub wasn’t till I replaced my debit (I lose those things alot) that I finally stoped getting charged. I was living at home back then and had to explain to my mom that the “mickey’s entertainment” charges on my statement weren’t porn, Honest.

Yeah, I can’t recall one that hasn’t. I did UO require a CC to get started? I can’t remember.

Nope, it’s “only one”, “or”, “PayPal”, and you didn’t need to capitalize, “debit” or “anyone”. I’d peg the “our”/“or” mistake as the worst, since you see “accept”/“except” often enough to automatically correct it in your head as you read, but “our”/“or” really stopped my reading dead in its tracks until I realized what the mistake was. :wink:

I’m killing you with my mind right now.

Yeah, I can’t recall one that hasn’t. I did UO require a CC to get started? I can’t remember.[/quote]

UO required a CC to play. That or a time card but I don’t know how those were aquired.

DaOC, AC2, and CoH all require a CC# (or some information for them to bill you for the 2nd month when you forget to cancel) before you start.