WoW: Gay guilds



Stonewall Champions and The Spreading Taint, two large gay guilds are currently formulating a letter they plan to submit to Blizzard requesting a more detailed explanation as to the intent of this reinterpretation and execution of the sexual harassment rule. As the spirit of the harassment rule seems to have been reinterpreted from protecting GLBT players, to keeping them silent.
Ok, that’s mind-blowing. Is stonewall champions a gay joke too?

Blizzard’s policy on “Harassment - Sexual Orientation,” which is set forth in the games’ “Terms of Use” and cited in the e-mail to Andrews reads, “This category includes both clear and masked language which insultingly refers to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.”

I don’t get it. “GLBT” is hardly a derogatory term.

It’s pretty nuts. They say in the article that they are prohibiting GLBT guilds in order to avoid enticing the rest of the playerbase to violate the EULA. It’s a fiendishly clever plan - saves them from having to ban their paying homophobes.

Yeah, it’s bogus because Blizzard is basically admitting that they can’t provide a safe environment for minority-group guilds to recruit in. They should forward this to GLAAD or something.

You can bet that if they did the same thing to, say, a Christian-friendly guild in order to “prevent religious harrassment”, the shit would really hit the fan.

Make a gay christian guild and see what happens, I guess.

That would be worth doing if only as a social experiment. What would such a guild be called?

Many states (including California I think) have laws or state constitutions that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation. I’m not sure how Blizzard thinks this will be a smart business move.

Probably an underpaid, undereducated CSR who’s going to get fired in 3…2…1…

As a rule I am against class action lawsuits and legislation-by-litigation.

That said, I hope Blizzard gets their asses sued off for this.

IANAL, but I have to wonder if these laws would cover something like a MMORPG. I guess you might be able to argue that it violates laws related to discriminating against customers, though. But then, they’re not saying they can’t be gay and play the game, they’re just saying they can’t create a “GLBT-friendly” guild.

Stonewall is from the riots of the same name. It started the “equal-rights” movement for gays.


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Well it does pose interesting questions about freedom of expression and if those rights extend into virtual worlds. If the law says that such rights exist in places like Azeroth, curbing the recruitment of GLBT-friendly guilds surely infringes those rights.

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I know what you all are thinking. “What does GiedonGamer think abouit this?”

I could have lived the rest of my life without figuring out there was a Real World meaning to the guild name The Spreading Taint and died a happy man.

Now I’m scarred. I was going to say tainted but well, you know.

“I want to PK them”?