WoW: Gay guilds

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The Bones of Christ?

Neon Homosexual Evangelion?

Revelations: The Demon Boner?

Eye for an Eye, Dick for a Dick?

Saintly Orcs in the Closet?

The Lord of Our Lives: The Return of the Schwing?

The Virgin Mary is Joining In?

Buy-Curious Merchants of a Holy Azeroth?


-Kitsune sounds good to me.

This is a constant pet peeve of mine. Even movies and television shows get it wrong. I’m not offended for any religious reasons of any sort. I’m offended on literary grounds. There is no such book as Revelations in the bible!

It’s as annoying as people who call Star Wars ‘The Star Wars’

I wasn’t referring to the Bible, I was referring to this game’s somewhat infamous religious content:


I don’t see how your sexual preference or religion or political leanings are in any way pertinent to killing monsters. I find the GLBT guilds just as distasteful as the christian guilds, not because I’m not a gay christian but because I just don’t see why they feel the need to advertise their preferences in a videogame. Who gives a shit? Shut up and pull already.

My personal leanings aside, this is an interesting response. Positively identifying yourself as gay in any multiplayer game is certainly asking for abuse. It is guaranteed to lead to CS issues. I’ve been called a faggot tens of thousands of times, and if that word offended me… well I guess I’d be really offended.

I’ve told you a million times, do not exaggerate.

If the courts decide that Azeroth is a “virtual place” open to the public, I think Blizzard could be in trouble. Because the GLBT guilds aren’t disrupting the game in any way, they’re just using it as a (virtual) place of association. If I own a park and open it to the public, I can’t tell GLBT groups that they’re not allowed to hold a picnic in my park (assuming they get a permit and obey the same rules that anyone else would have to). Similarly, one could argue that Blizzard can’t open up Azeroth to the public, but then refuse to allow gays to peacably associate there.

It’s certainly not a slam-dunk case, but it’s got enough weight to it that it seems like a really stupid decision on Blizzard’s part. That game makes a fuckload of money and there are people out there who will see them as a big, fat target. (And that’s setting aside the fact that it’s a decision that will probably upset a lot of customers.)

I can see the other side as well, of course. Should Blizzard be forced to allow “The KKK” as a guild, or the “Neo-Nazis”? What about “al Qaeda”? At some point it seems like they have a valid point by saying that certain expressions are offensive and detract from the game. And I’m sure a GLBT guild will genuinely offend some people, maybe a lot of people. Those people are intolerant bigots, but Blizzard has a right to pander to bigots to make cash.

Exactly, and if you are one of the people referred to with the word, I say that’s a pretty legitimate reason to create a social group (since WoW is in large part a social experience) where one can be sure to escape from that when grouping and similar.

…but less annoying than people who call it “A New Hope.”

Yeah, it starts to get slippery. My first thought was “Well, ‘Klan KKK’ would obviously be a violation of the hate speach rule.” And it probably is from any angle that matters because the words have very specific connotations. But Would “Gay and Rotting” (an all Undead GLBT guild, of course) be considered offensive? Not to me, but what if it were to a large enough portion of the player base? It’s easy to say you don’t care about those people because they’re small minded, but it doesn’t really address the problem.

The way Blizzard probably should handle it, IMO, is not to restrict GLBT guilds, and handle any severe harrassment when/if it happens. But I guess they’re just trying ot eliminate that hassle before it happens.

Also, strusser, there’s a big social component to WoW. People like to associate with other with common backgrounds, values, and interests. That’s why people do it.

I can’t, because “GLBT” is not, in itself, a collection of letters that the general gaming public should find offensive. It’s not as well known a collection of letters as “STFU”, for example, where the vast majority of gamers know what that means and interepret it (rightfully) as profanity.

I guess I might sort of see Blizzard’s side if the guild in question was spamming broadcast to advertise a “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered” guild since, you know, there are kids playing, and maybe some parents aren’t prepared to tell johnny what a bisexual or transgendered person is. Still, it’s a stretch.

If this is the stance Blizzard is actually taking, they better start shutting down all the ‘christian’ guilds, not to mention the guilds named after IP Blizzard does not own.

Because people like hanging out with people like them? Keeping with the “who gives a shit?” line of thinking, why do you give a shit?

The stance Blizzard is taking on this is how I think public places justified racial discrimination in the 50s and 60s. A restaurant host could say “Hey, I’m fine with black people. But other customers might get offended at seeing you in here, so I’m afraid you’ll have to go somewhere else.”

I appreciate the link. I’m surprised at how angry I am at Blizzard right now. I think it’s because there’s someone in Ironforge making a fag or gay comment 95% of the time I’m there. The GMs don’t keep up with those idiots, but they discipline a GLBT message? If I hadn’t just cancelled my account due to technical problems last weekend, I would have done so after reading about this. I also forwarded the link in an incident report to GLAAD.

So if there is a gay guild, how are they supposed to advertise for all the gay gamers out there who do not know about thier guild? Maybe they should make a rainbow set of guild talbards or something.

Really? This is something that would make you stop playing? I mean, all Blizzard’s trying (unsuccessfully) to do is avoid the issue of sexual preference alltogether by disallowing mention of it. I’m not saying I agree with how they’re handling the whole thing, but all this person got was a warning. If eveyrone could stop being offended by everything in the world, this stuff wouldn’t happen in the first place. But people bitch and businesses get scared and here we are with “rules” being made that try to overcorrect the issues.

Is this an “official” response from Blizzard… like come down from higher ups and vetted by PR/marketing? Sometimes it’s just GM’s that do this, and sometimes frankly the GMs are idiots.

/y New guild recruiting L50+ for high-end raiding! Please send tell for more info!

/tell hi i want 2 join ur guild

/reply Hello! Thank you for your interest! Just to be up front, we’re GLBT-friendly. There’s more info on our website at



At that point, you petition the guy for harassment. His account gets suspended or banned. Word gets out that sending harassing tells to members of this guild about their lifestyle choice results in bannings.