WoW gold sellers flocking to... local papers?

Just spotted this in my local alt.weekly paper, and felt somehow it was very QT3-ish:

So apparently, having been thrown out of PC Gamer, gold sellers and power levelers are mingling with beauty salon ads in local free papers to get attention. I blame… society! Or Blizzard. Well, one of the two.

Why not blame the real guilty party, the people who buy it.

Can’t we just blame the terrorists?

Lets blame everyone! The people who buy it, the people who sell it, the people who condone it, the people who denounce it, the people who made the game that supports it, the people who made the game that enables it, the people who support the game that enables/supports it, and you. Why you? Cause you are reading this. Your support is tacit.

I blame the death of vaudeville.

It’s a fair cop, but society is to blame.

No one, no one, no one ever is to blame.

I blame abba.

As the great philosophist and poet Jimmy Buffett once said, “Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know it’s my own damn fault.”

Dunno how that applies though.

Why blame anyone? Being able to buy gold is awesome.

Be honest. You just want to SELL gold. Or Magic Cards.

Done with the former until it’s legal and secure, done with the latter for the better part of forever.

I wonder why the game companies just don’t do it themselves? If it’s so profitable, it would be better and less annoying then having to contend with farmers. Sure, you would get mad when some rich kid would have an uber l33t character, but it’d be better then the farmers ?

Or maybe ban buying items altogether?

Cuz the last thing they want to do is acknowledge that your staff of awesomeness is property, and be liable for real money if l33t k1DD13s decide to crash a server.

And banning people is damn difficult, considering that all that happens in game is one character giving another character an item.

Tax liability. Who pays? Who knows! One day that kettle of fish will be upended, and it won’t be to anyone’s benefit but the bureaucrats.

Also, what zabuni said times twelve thousand.

Blame the victims! They love it - that’s why they’re victims, see?

Who are the victims?

The sellers the buyers or the whining masses of people that play the game straight?

Oh wait the victim is the MMORPG company who doesn’t give a rats ass about you as a player. They’re just pissed that the gold buyers burn up content without jumping through their lame hoops and unsubscribe faster.

Now I’ve never been a cheater at games but I have been known to use the difficulty slider a bit to maker easy parts more challanging and hard parts less. Once you’ve crossed the threshold of paying to play a game paying someone for gold is just adjusting the difficulty slider a bit.

Lets take an example of a friend of mine, he’s a teacher, an honorable profession. During the school year he works, goes to school to keep upskilled and teaches night school He keeps his WOW subscription active and plays 2-3 hours a week. In summer he does nothing but play WOW.

What’s wrong with him buying a little gold to even the score between him and the people that play 30-100 hours a week 52 weeks a year?