WoW: How bad is your queue?

This is nuts. It seems like for the last week after about 6pm, I hit an hour-long queue, or worse, on Argent Dawn.

I’m not buying the “people got the expansion/home from school” argument entirely, because if it was that the queue should start going down tonight.

My feeling is, one of the last maintenance windows they lowered the cap of players to cut down on the lag.

Moonrunner has 200 people in queue right now. I saw queues when each expansion came out, but a queue now is just ridiculous. Perhaps we’re seeing folks with Christmas presents joining up? Hopefully, this will end by tomorrow, when most of the kids come off break and are back in school.



1000 people atm on Sargeras.

236 on Moonrunner. 1000 people would be enough to make me quit the game (again!).

Holy crap, there’s a queue?

I haven’t really played lately, but I’d been logging on daily to do my inscription research and had yet to see a queue until today (255/15min on Uther). Did something happen to get people logging on all of the sudden?

We’ve had over 600 on Earthen Ring this weekend. Saturday night specifically. I’m not sure how long it took exactly… something like 30-45 minutes.

1202 on Icecrown. Rawr.

(edit): Fortunately that’s just where my alt is. Guess it’s back to my main for another hour or two.

Dark Iron has been fine. I’ve hit queues of less than 50 people (just a few minutes to get through) a couple of times, but nothing bad.

I think it’s just the usual… older servers have max populations and when people are still enamored of the expansion, you’re gonna have queues.

I’ve never seen a queue on Velen. When I went back to check on one of my ‘old’ servers (Doomhammer), it was over 300 and a 15 minute wait.

~900 person, 45 minutes on laughing skull.

edit: over 1000 now

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Currently there is a 430 person (26 minute) queue on Dark Iron.

I’ve hit 0 queues on Malfurion. But, I usually start pretty late in the evening.

I’ve never had a queue on Chromaggus.

Thorium Brotherhood.

No queue there.

1492 on Emerald Dream just now!! 9:35 EST! Estimated time to login 1 hr 33 minutes.

Fuq that.

Only seen the queue once since Christmas, and it was about 50. Took a minute or so. The key is to play at 10pm Pacific time.

Sad thing with Moonrunner is we have a 3:1 Alliance:Horde ratio at the moment. :( They really need to allow alliance xfers only or something.

I rarely get any queue at all.

…except I just checked to make sure I’m not talking out of my ass. I’m 230 on Arathor right now. Estimated time: 10 minutes.