WoW: How bad is your queue?

Nice. 887 on Earthen Ring right now. 'round an hour wait.

I’ve pretty much quit playing. But just for the hell of it, I did a quick check on Illidan and got 1200 something.

It’s usually not too bad (and often non-existent) if you simply log in early enough. That’s the problem though… sometimes you just can’t do that.

I figure this is why I own consoles, portables and an iPhone.

Bloodscalp is like 250 or so on Friday and Saturday nights.

On the good side Fiery weapon scrolls sell for 125G each when people get drunk enough making my warlock mad cash.

Fenris had like a 30 sec queue earlier, don’t now now

No Queue on Thorium Brotherhood.

Bitter Cynic: You horde or ally?

About 750 tonight on Elune.

Crazy. I have never seen a queue on Trollbane.

Yeah, I was gonna put my horde toons there, already have a couple of sub 10s but meh.

Stormrage, an original release server had queues for 300+ tonight apparently and some bad lag to boot. I’ve seen it get to 500+ a couple of times in the last 2 weeks but its been hit or miss when one shows up.

Despite the almost universally high queue times on Earthen Ring, I’ve rarely ever had lag of any kind.

I hear server transfers are the business, but flock mentality reigns heavily these days hehe.
It’s a luxury problem for Blizzard no doubt, but heavy populated servers are a boon to these mmo’s, I just wish warhammer dudes would figure that one out.

ie on heavy loaded server better than 10 lightly populated ones.

Ditto. You horde or alliance there?

Good to know! I can visit my 20 somethings there when Cenarion Circle overflows.

Hitting about 250 on Windrunner at peak logon time. Before this, we haven’t had a queue in years. I don’t buy the expansion/extra people thing either. My wild ass guess is that they lowered the queue limit to try to offset some of the server lag issues we’ve had lately.

Over 1000 on Medivh.

Massive ques on Whisperwind. Luckily i’m EST, so I log in before the masses. We’ve had these before and they generally go away. Server performance has also been pretty bad lately too.

Baelgun, about 400+ last night, 20 minute wait. Only other time I’d seen a queue was the night after WotLK launched.

usually around 250 on wildhammer :(

I haven’t waited in a queue for Moonrunner at all so far due to the fact that I get home from work a bit before prime. Most of the guys I’ve played with have rarely seen queues over a 5 minute wait.

1500+ on Emerald Dream, starting in the evenings (7pm EST+). You have no choice other than load the game at LEAST an hour before you think you’ll want to play it. Sad.

As before, the queues will be gone in about a ~month when lots of people cancel their subscriptions again, just like in BC.