Wow, I had no idea it was this bad in Texas

Can you say Republican power grab? Jeezus, aren’t they happy enough holding onto both houses of Congress and the Presidency (and if Election 2000 were any indication, the Supreme Court itself?)

When’s the backlash gonna kick in on this?

Democrat controlled legislatures in various states are thinking about redistricting after DeLay’s work in Texas and Rove’s work in Colorado.

One funny point on this-

In my good ole hometown of Midland TX (yes of GWB infamy), Democrats about 10 or so years ago split this town of around 100k into 3 different National Representative districts. If i remember right, the districts were centered around El Paso (300+ miles away), Lubbock (120+ north), and Amarillo (240+ north, and DIRECTLY 120 north of Lubbock). So this has been going on for awhile. Its pretty cool to have the south side of town, just 2 miles away, be represented by someone else hundreds of miles away :). Democrats are not fond of Midland, and as far as i can tell the feeling is happily recipricated.

They’re already over 50% of the way to their goal.

Goofiness when redistricting is a time-honored tradition. Doing it every time the legislature changes hands isn’t.