WoW: Is there a way to hide the fact that you're online?

A lot of times I’d like to play and not be bothered by many people online. I don’t want to /ignore them all.

Is there a switch you can turn on to make yourself not appear online when you play?

No, there’s no equivalent to /anon

Go to a server where no one knows you and be anti-social.

Its called, “start an alt” thats not in your guild etc…

Drugs work.

Turn off the chat channels (including Guild). Right-click on the General feedback tab for these options.

If you are getting too many whispers, that’s a hole you’ve dug for yourself. Deal with it.

I’ve found this is the usual deal for high level healing characters, even if you’ve been very anti-social. My Druid is only lvl 46, and I usually get random whispers to join instance groups every time I’m logged in.

Drugs work.[/quote]

That would explain your MMOG prescience.

Apart from starting an alt you can also use the /dnd command which will stop group invites etc.

This is easily taken care of. If you are responsible for wiping enough groups often enough, the whispers go away. Heck, I only do instances with my guild, but they’ve managed to spread the word to the rest of the server – my lev 57 druid rarely gets random invites.

And play a hunter.



The /afk command will make you appear to be afk as long as you have your interface set to not automatically change the afk flag when you move. The /dnd command others noted is also good.

I’m not sure exactly what /dnd does, though. It doesn’t seem to stop all incoming whispers, or at least when I activated it I think I was whispered again in the same session without deactivating it. Or is it only meant to stop invites etc., not chat?

/dnd spits back an automated response to the message sender that informs them of your /dnd flag. But you still get the message, in my experience.

I can’t believe that WoW doesn’t have customizeable settings so that you can choose to not receive tells, invites, or trades from people who aren’t on your friends list or in your guild.

You’d probably have a lot of reason to trade with people who weren’t friends or guildies, but I get a lot of newbs coming up to me and opening a trade window as the precursor to begging me for gold.