WoW just can't handle the scale

Has anyone else who was playing in the closed beta noticed that there are so many people in the servers that the game isn’t fun anymore?

It’s not that they are bad or annoying players, although many of them are, it’s that there aren’t enough monsters to go round. I’ve played up to level 15 on an open beta server, and so far I’ve never found an area that wasn’t camped to extinction. Every quest I tried to do wasn’t me fighting the environment/monsters to accomplish the task, it was me fighting the players to get the scarce monster or cactus.

Gee, you get in? I have been trying for a long time to log in, discovering
many bad UI elements in the process. Disconnect? Back to login,
account name blanked out. Manage to log in to server? Ah, but that’s not
all! You also have to pick a realm…which involves logging out of the
server and selecting a new one?!

I have yet to experience the actual game, but I gathered from the top
post on the WoW site that they had more than they should have for
this beta :/

P.S.:What sort of retard designs a game where you can’t adjust the
volume, graphics and such settings until you successfully log a character
? The volume on mine is…not quite right. Come on, Blizzard!
Options menu goes up front, before start!

Westfall was completely deserted last night; in Elwynn I passed 4-6 people. I’m only 14, so that’s where I was.

What level/race/faction are you speaking of, specifically?

Depends on the place I think. I’ve seen hunted to extinction and I’ve seen the auto-balance system (which is supposed to autospawn more mobs based on population of players) work well too. Kinda a toss up.

Apparently most MMOG designers do. See: Everquest, Asheron’s Call, Dark Age of Camelot, etc.

I wrote about that in May.

And then again and again and again.

The best quote from the players I’ve read:

Man, this game would be sooo much better if there weren’t any other people.

I am getting worried that the launch won’t be very smooth. They have a couple of weeks to get their hardware together and launch ready so it might be possible. Have Blizzard underestimated the number of people who’ll be playing? I know some of the people playing it free won’t be around after release but I’d wager that at least an equal number of players are holding off until release to play.

I want this to go well for them, but the are providing very little in reassurance right now.

Perhaps they’re running a smaller number of servers, so’s to test running at higher loads before the final day?

No problems here, but I’m on the PvP server.

It was like that when I first started as well with a whole new wave of closed beta testers. It was a temporary condition. After a couple of weeks players spread out enough in levels and areas and there wasn’t much overcrowding.

Also, there are often other spots nearby that have the same mobs you need. Players tend to (naturally) crowd the spots the quests direct them to, but often there’s another similar mob camp just around the bend, so to speak.

Yes, the old servers have a lot lower load and hence less lag. Beta and beta 1 are both light load right now, test 4 is high and a disaster.

It’s which servers you play on. The problem is they put up only a handful of servers for the stress test last week, and a bunch of closed beta people flocked onto these with their guild-mates who’d just got in.

Now that open beta started, even more people jumped on those same servers. That’s taken them way over the target # of active players/ server.

The Test 9 PvP server I play on is way overcrowded because of this. It seems like some of the newer servers (if they are still using the Test # convention, try the higher numbers) are doing much, much better.

They also did some major maintence today they took the servers down for, but no idea what they did.

Its which server you play on and whether you can play at all- I exited the game to borwose because of the lag, and now I can’t log back in. Guess I should have just alt-tabbed at the server screen. :)

I’m on test 9 as well, so that may be it.

All of Durotar and the Barrens are pretty much camped to extinction. It’s crazy.

Maybe it will be different on release. I can hope, at least.


reroll your avatars on the newer server (server 20+) the traffic is low-medium… the lag is bearable

I abandoned my server 14 and 9 characters since those servers are overwhelmed

Ergo: Guild Wars

Ergo: Guild Wars[/quote]

I was thinking the same thing. :wink:

@$%# WoW.

our guild gave up on server 4, with the constant crashes and then a half hour login queue, it was killing us. Plus I haven’t been able to log in my level 19 druid for almost 36 hours because I logged him out in the Ragefire Chasm instance, and when I try to login I get a ‘no instance servers available’ error that kicks me back to the character selection screen.

It happens to me every once in a while on the Euro servers, but just as often I have difficulty finding just the one other guy needed to kill the Foozle I’m currently questing for.

Only thing that annoys the hell out of me is the real time clock.
I have a nice job and a wife and kid - I only play evenings. I am so fucking tired and somewhat depressed over only seeing the games evening/night.

Agreed. I can run across the world in 30 minutes (real time), but it’s always evening. Bleh.

I pretty much gave up on WoW when I realized that I could SuperJump across Dun Morogh in one leap…and all the noob quests are confined to that area. In fact, every area is crammed full of quests with insufficient quest objects and way too many players…

Yes, I know OB just started. It’s not very impressive though, and bodes ill for the first week/month? of the game, when the popularity is high.

The only time content is so concentrated is when you’re a newbie (since everything else will kill you) … shouldn’t that be the time to impress the players with how easy and fun the game is to play?