WoW lines

did they remove the join server queue? it seems like that when my server is full, i just don’t have the option to join it anymore…

Did you not see it listed? If so, try scrolling down. I think there may not be a scroll bar, but you can scroll.

If you do see it listed and can’t join, it may be the Christmas morning rush. There are likely a lot of people who got copies of the game installing and trying to get on.

the list only pops up if you can’t join your chosen server, for whatever reason. several of my friends were playing on argent dawn, so it wasn’t down, but i wasn’t able to join.

I was queued the other day for the first time in weeks. I had to wait a whole one hundred and fifty seconds before I was able to log on.


if only i could get a queue, i’d be happy. i can’t even get that.

I’ve had no problems getting in at all today. My only problem is the multiple ganks I’m getting in Feralas. :cry:

There aren’t queues because there aren’t players. Quite simple.

As many said when a game launches everyone logs in. Then the time online for each account slowly decreases with time, so the servers are able to “hold” more accounts.

You see a queue on a server if the players of horde+alliance exceed the 3500. Since they aren’t there are no queues.

The choice to wipe the location tabs seems to have helped quite a bit to ease a bit the balance.

I just took the data of Warsong, second “most crowded” server at this exact moment:

Horde: 1013
Alliance: 1499

Total: 2512

As you can see far away from a possible queue.

My server, Blackrock, gets a queue at about 10p to 1a, which is when the AUS/US primetimes overlap.

Ausgamer declared Blackrock the unofficial Australian server, so we have lots of ozzies and kiwis on late at night. The general chat channel gets a lot more polite after 11p when all the california kiddies have to go to bed :)

maybe if you took 5 seconds away from proclaiming yourself the smartest person in the world and actually read my post, you would see that i wasn’t complaining about queues. i was complaining that my client was acting like my server didn’t exist or was down, even though i knew it wasn’t.

in any event, the problem went away. i don’t know if it was a goofy problem or something intentional on blizzard’s part. this is a problem that will make me cancel my account, though. not having access to my server when all my friends do is very annoying.