WoW: Mac or PC?

Given that I finally bought a computer capable of playing update to date PC games for the first time in 5 years, thought I might pick up the crack pipe and play that wow thing everyone has been talking about.

Since I bought an iMac, I have the option of playing it in windows, or playing it in OS X. Any differences that might sway which side I play it on? I was leaning towards OS X, but it might be nice to keep all of my games related stuff on the XP side.

Why don’t you play it on both?

You can install it on both machines. I’d play on the one with the best videocard, though WoW isn’t the most taxing game. It looked remarkably good on an iBook with some old ATI videocard.

So…both executables are on the same disk? All right then.

I believe that’s true of all versions. I only have the collector’s edition, and that was indeed the case.

Yeah, Blizzard has always been good about that.