WoW marches on

We needed a new WoW thread so here we are.

6mil and counting. That is pretty crazy. When I got into the beta (thanks to Div and, having come from a very stale EQ and brief stints with pretty much every other fantasy MMO, I knew it would crush EQ/EQ2. 6 million though with no signs of stagnation 14-15 months in? That is just nuts. They really need some competition but there is no one on the horizon that I see coming anywhere close to Blizzard.


Yep, there is no one to compete with them unless Turbine does something unexpected with LotR Online. The scary thing is that the expansion will probably boost the numbers even higher. It just gets bigger and bigger and becomes like a black hole, sucking players away from other games.

Yeah and it’s hard for me not to get sucked back into the black hole when every gaming webpage and forum and magazine is constantly saying new things about WoW. Damn you!!

All I can say is, well done. That’s what happens when you make one of the most stupendously awesome videogames in the history of the medium.*

*not sarcastic. I am literally in awe of that fucking game.

Not that Blizzard isn’t pulling in some tremendous numbers, but I read somewhere a while back that a good chunk of that 6 million is counted in a very different way from the PC Cafes and such across the ocean. Among other things, they can be considered a customer for an investment as little as, I think, $2. So in terms of gross revenue, that’s not necessarily 6 million x 16.99 or whatever.

Now if only they could fix their servers.

The sad thing is, the game bores me now. Dunno exactly why. I have this nightmare, though, that soon there will be only WoW as the MMO choice, and no other games–they’ll all go away or become WoW clones or something.

Yeah, I know, not likely to happen, but it’s still my nightmare…

I started playing Eve, and it has a lot of the features I believe to be intrinsic to a second gen MMO. I’ve only played for a few days, but it’s definitely a game which goes beyond the norm. There’s life beyond WoW.

Eve looks interesting to me. But I’ve heard mixed opinions. Can you tell me what you like about it?

Yes, it’s called The Burning Crusade.

I quite like Eve actually. I only stopped playing when I got burned by joining a (I thought cool) no-lifer 0.0 space guild. When I logged on and said “hey guys, what’s going down?” the GM would give me shit for not reading the alliance and guild forums first.

For some reason that I am really not sure of right now I started playing EQ2 again. They sure have made a lot of changes but the graphics engine still blows.

Is Eve more of a space trading game or a combat centered one? Also does it support multi monitor setups? I don’t mean to highjack the atta boy WoW thread so please forgive me.

Huge player driven economy, no catassing requirement (your skills train while you are offline), super-sci-fi with crazy detail to what you can do with your ships, players can build their own space stations (and can automatically charge other players fees for docking there), pvp-anywhere with NPC enforcement in high security areas, bounty hunting, super detailed market information, player created missions (ie: I need 100 tons of a certain ore, so I make a mission to acquire it in exchange for 100000 credits, or I need some cargo delivered to a place far away, I can pay players to do it) with a collateral requirement.

Basically, the game has far more depth and detail and, well, substance to it than any other MMO I’ve ever seen.

That’s just my first impression though, only been checking it out for a few days.

I’m not really sure yet since I’m still in the early stages, but from what I’ve heard from the friend who’s getting me to play it, the game can be whatever you want it to be.

My main criticism is that some stuff is slow, but from what I’ve heard, that goes away once you start buying and upgrading ships.

I think it’s high time for a WoW thread to have a hijack, and Eve’s a fair enough choice. For symmetry, though, after this one’s done and we have an Eve thread, someone has to hijack it to talk about Zeb Cook.

The only thing I really know about Eve is that I tried the free trial some months back and dozed off during the asteroid-mining phase of the tutorial. To be fair, I was pretty tired at the time, but it was just so soothing.

So, EVE sounds like the kind of game I should like. But when I tried it, I just couldn’t get into it–set autopilot, wait five minutes, activate mining lasers, wait three minutes, set autopilot, wait five minutes, sell, repeat.

So I’m probably missing something. Anyone who likes the game want to tell me what I should do to get into it?

Like pulling it?

If you want reading material give a look to this forum.

The asian races are awesomely awesome.

Do something you find fun, like shooting NPCs or other people. :)

Which is funny, given that EVE is a lot older than WoW.

EVE is definitely a game for people who know what they want to do. Want to become the head of a massive manufacturing corp and basically run the market? It’s all there. Want to claim an area of space as yours? Go for it. Fancy becoming a pirate and trying to make a living from that? Shoot. And so on, and so forth. EVE became a lot more fun for me once I stopped moaning about having to mine to make money and actually started taking some risks in order to have fun - but then a lot of people like mining, so more power to them :)

HRose - next time you criticise player models and art, at least to to differentiate between character portraits and ingame models. The EVE characters just become images after creation, so designers don’t have to worry about poly counts and so on. Jeez.

Doesn’t work.

Shooting NPCs and running mission becomes as much boring as mining and hauling stuff.

The best advice is to find a corporation to join (possibly involved in PvP stuff) and let them direct you.

When you are brought in on that level even hauling stuff acquires a sense and becomes fun.

HRose - next time you criticise player models and art, at least to to differentiate between character portraits and ingame models. The EVE characters just become images after creation, so designers don’t have to worry about poly counts and so on. Jeez.

It’s the style I was criticizing.

I don’t like photographic faces slapped on a 3D model. I like more art that looks like art. It’s not the detail, it’s the feel.