WoW: New Alliance Race OFFICIAL

Actually what might be intresting in a long term story twist is if the ‘alliance’ becomes the evil faction instead of the horde.

Stupid China. The Pandaren would have made so much sense.

I dunno much about lore, but are these related at all to “The Broken” sitting in the official site bestiary?

Neither faction is evil. The Orcs and Trolls and Tauren are certainly not evil at all. The Undead are just kind of fucked and trying to break free. Both sides are morally ambiguous, at best.

Pretty well done. :)

I think they are dragon men, not demons.

Come come now, EVERYONE knows the new race are the Pandarians ;)

Then followed by the Thundercats.

No the trolls are very evil. Read the lore. The undead are evil too. Tauren are not, and orcs are not.

Yeah I guess it’s a good possibility its The Broken, but why would they put them in the Beastiary? And they look crap.

The playable trolls are a renegade tribe of semi-good guy trolls, the undead are just pissed off that theur human brothers and sisters have rejected them. The human’s motivations are extemely ambiguous, the dwarves are just a bunch of drunken human stooges and the gnomes are stereotypical mad scentists. And what’s the head druid in Darnassus doing with all that morrowgrain?

If the new race is in fact the Eradar, one of my guildmates posted an interesting theory on our guild forums that would explain how they could be part of the Alliance.

Apparently there’s a leaked screenshot that shows the new race’s starting zone is Hyjal, and the idea is that the Alliance Eradar were vanquished demons who were reborn with the souls of the wisps Furion summoned to defeat Archimonde at the end of Warcraft III.

That would be pretty damn cool, IMO, and would fit in with the lore a hell of a lot better than the Bloodelves joining the Horde.

the undead are just pissed off that theur human brothers and sisters have rejected them.

So they’re creating a new plague (and duping the other Horde races into helping them) to wipe out all other life in Azeroth. Anyone who has done any questing for the Royal Apothecary Society should know what they’re up to. While it may be the case that the Forsaken just want to be left alone, their chosen method is mass genocide.

I’ve always thought the Forsaken never really fit in well with the Horde anyway. I really don’t see why supposed wise and noble leaders like Thrall and Cairn would ally with any undead, even ones that are no longer under the control of the Lich King. It would have made more sense if the game had been designed with three factions from the start:

Night Elves



Well, old human habits die hard ;) .

Levelling up alts with the morrowgrain quest. Duh!

Someone posted a screenshot of a video grabbed from the show floor:

That is NOT a draenei.

That is a screenshot of a PC desktop with Windows Media Player running in a window showing footage taken with a camcorder pointed at a computer monitor from another machine. THAT’S RETARDED.

Here’s another retarded pic which shows another (close-up) view of the new race, along with shots of all the new tier 3 armor sets (for six of the classes).

That new warlock set is AWESOME. Looks like a tusken raider.

About 2/5 of that pic is RETARDED! And yeah, that is clearly the same sort of thing as the big demon guys from Warcraft 3. Not Draenai. No idea how they will make that make sense (other than the possible explanation posted above), but looks cool. Also I really dig the mask on the lower left gnome. Looks like a Tusken Raider.