WoW: New lower level quests?

Not to add to the World of Warcraft discussion here but…

Some months ago I stopped playin WoW. The issue was that my main character was a level 42 Paladin and the quests were increasingly becoming elite only.

I realize it’s a MMORPG and not Diablo but I tend to prefer to play these games in an amost solo-type environment where I just do most of the missions myself or with a couple people for short durations.

Over the months, has Blizzard started going back and adding additional low level quests?

I haven’t been following this type of development very much, but I know for a fact that they’ve added some new low to mid-level content because I’ve seen it in game. Whether or not it’s enough, I really don’t know.

I don’t believe so. Seriously, come by Moonrunner though and see how you like playing with the Drop Bears - that group has really made WoW more fun for me… and I tend to prefer to solo my quests too. Sometimes it’s just fun to have the guildchat banter running while solo questing. Other times it’s great to team up and play the “you first, no you first” looting game which is a nice changeup from the cutthroat loot competition you find from pickup groups.

Oh yeah? I’d be interested in some pointers on where to find these… I haven’t found any new quests as I’ve taken my hunter to 32 and my warlock to 17 over the past few weeks.

Well, one that comes to mind offhand is that giants quest by the docks on the mainland of Feralas. There’s quite a bit more than that, I just haven’t been paying too much attention to it since I mostly play my level 60 characters and thus I can’t really recall all the new stuff I’ve seen. But honestly, there’s some new stuff out there. The Darkmoon Faire stuff is fairly new too I believe.

I too found the mid-40s to be the most painful in terms of solo-able content. It seemed like just about every quest I could find was sending me to Uldaman, Zul’farrak, or Maraudon.

Looking back on it now, though, there really shouldn’t have been a problem. Between Tanaris, the Hinterlands, Feralas, Aszhara, and Searing Gorge there should be more than enough quests to get you through. Once you’re around 45 or so, quests in Felwood and the Blasted Lands also become available.

Levels 50+ are just a breeze, though. You’ve got Un’goro, Winterspring, both Plaguelands, Burning Steppes, Silithus…there’s probably more than enough solo-able quests there to get to 60, even if you completely ignore all the quests that will send you to BRD (and boy are there many there), BRS, Strat, and Scholo.

I remember them adding a few quests in the level 20 range a few months back…most of their new non-end game quests are al in the 40’s and low 50’s, I think.

One of the earlier updates added a number of quests to Searing Gorge for the mid-40s, which helped a fair bit.

This is why I like the Drop Bears, too. It’s so nice to finally have the proper counterpart to my greedy, linen-hording nature.

Soloing becomes progressively harder to do in WoW, the good news is that finding groups tends to get a little easier. The 40s are kind of an awkward stage where the transition occurs and if you don’t already have an established group/guild it can be hard to get those 40 elite or dungeon quests done as many people only visit those dungeons/areas once and never go back. As you approach 60 and start doing the smaller end game dungeons finding a group gets easier as people are constantly going back to them from then on. It also becomes very difficult to do much of anything solo other than PvP and grind be it exp (once you hit 60 it’s pointless), gold, mats or rep.

When you find most of the quest becoming Elite (or instances), it’s usually just time to explore some other areas and look for new quest hubs. In the 30s and 40s, the quests start to become increasingly spread out across the land.

Allakhazam and thottbot can be helpful in finding some quests for your level that are soloable.

They also added a new horde city in the hinterlands, with lots of new quests.

re: horde city in hinterlands

And the best fishing rod in the game, which pissed me off to no end.

Two reasons to hate it:

  1. It’s a super easy quest, which kills the market for Big Iron Fishing Rods (a 1% drop underwater).
  2. It’s horde-only. Wtf?

I bogged down in the mid 40’s as well, and rather than levelling concentrated on getting my alchemy to 300. Searing Gorge was a great place to get back levelling again and from there it’s been Tanaris, Hinterlands, and Un’Goro.

I’m at 55 now (56 tonight!) and working my way through Plaguelands (only really concentrated on the Western), Blasted Lands and Felwood - after that it’ll be Winterspring and hopefully 60 :)

There are several quest paths through WoW, just because your pally is up to 45, doesn’t mean you can’t take another character to 45 without questing in the same zones. Between level 45 and level 60, I have about 5 characters, all allaince.

Up until level 30, there are definitly 3 paths:

Elwyn, westfall, lakeshire, duskwood.
Dun Modor, Loch Modian, Wetlands.
Terradasal, Darkshore, Ashenvale.

The last two will proabbly leave you a little shy of 30, however, the first one can easily get you to 30. You can supplement them by the shimmering flats.

At 30 pretty much everyone goes to STV because there are so many damm quests, although you can do desolace instead. At the higher end of the game, however, your options shrink. You end up in tanaris and/or feralas, then ungoro and/or felwood. Finally its EPL, WPL, and Winterspring. At the very top end now, is Silithus. Not tuns of quests there yet, a lot, but nothing like there could be. Its not like a level 54 to 60 zone, mostly because of the lack of quests unless you just like grinding.

There are also plenty of other zones I didn’t mention open to both horde and alliance. Really just when you get to certain level, find a zone that is appropreate to your level that you have not been to before. Thats what I did most of the time, although I never got to the final end of ashenvale. To much horde ganking, I moved to duskwood where it was much safer with the zombies and abominations.

I got to Strangethorn Vally a couple of days ago with my lvl 31 mage and was amazed at the wealth of quests there. I didn’t even have room in my log to accept them as fast as they were dished out. Only thing that I really hate is that the only Alliance inn and flight stop are in Booty Bay, a 10-minute walk from where all the low-30s quests are. And I couldn’t imagine playing that zone on a PvP server. I’m tripping over Hoarde left and right.

I hated that too. They really need to add a flight path at the Rebel Camp.

For some reason I’ve always disliked Stranglethorn, despite the copious content. Maybe jungles don’t interest me that much in a traditional fantasy type game, dunno.

Cant you get to it from the alliance zone to the north of STV?

Yes, although the nearest flightpath is Darkshire, which is a bit of a walk to the rebel camp.