WoW newb needs advice

Having tired of EQ2, and having viewed the great Office Space ad, I decided to d/l the 10-day trial version of WoW. So I’m looking for advice on character classes. EQ2 sucked when solo-ing, so unless WoW is pretty solo friendly I’d prefer a class that’s currently pretty desirable for XP groups. And I’m basically looking for advice in general on the game.


Wow is the epitome of solo friendliness. Pick anything but a priest and you’re set. (Though priests solo fine after they have enough talent points, it’s a bit ugly to start off IMO.)

Be sure to keep stocked with food (melee and caster) and drink (caster) and use them to do away with any downtime that’s annoying you.

If you’re really, really mostly interested in soloing, I’d suggest a hunter (easier) or a warlock (slightly more complex). But every character type solos just fine; it’s just that these two are soloing beasts (kind of like necromancers were in original EQ; they’re both pet classes, etc…)

WoW is quite solo friendly. I don’t know of a single class that can’t solo well.

For maximum solo-ability, I might recommend a hunter or a warlock. They both have many abilities, and the addition of a pet serves as a nice meatshield/extra attack.

For maximum group/solo capability, I would recommend a priest, more precisely a shadow priest. Speccing in shadow talents makes the character a force to be reckoned with in soloing, and priests are usually welcome in groups.

XP is not usually done in the group sense. A person in WoW, at least in the low level game, doesn’t sit in a corner and grind mobs. Faction grinding does come later. Quests usually are the easiest way to gain xp, and almost all of the ones that don’t say elite or dungeon are completable solo.

Edit: Beaten.

I have four level 60 toons, and my favorite by far was the rogue. The ability to stun makes it easier to take on multiple mobs at a time, and you have all sorts of OHCRAP! abilities to help when things go wrong, like Evasion and Vanish. Just keep stocked on food and bandages and you can level like crazy.

Having taken a hunter and priest to 60, I’d recommend against the priest unless you really want to be an end-game healbot. The journey up through the levels was FAR more fun on my hunter.

There have been a few threads on this topic - its probably worthwhile to do some searching, and the official WoW site has a nice basic player guide.

In terms of specifics, WoW IS a very solo friendly game for most classes. However, some of the best solo classes are only so-so at grouping in instances (at least by reputation). I would say the overall easiest class to learn the game with is a hunter which is a very strong solo class, but the hunter has a difficult time finding end game groups. Warlock is also a strong soloist, and has a bit better time finding groups, but probably takes a bit more skill to learn and play. Rogue is a class that many recommend. I would actually not reccomend the warrior or priest to a completely new player as they are somewhat complicated to play well. Of course if you are very familiar with a role from EQ, many of the skills will transfer.

If you want a decent solo and good group class, the Paladin on Alliance and Shaman on Horde are actually pretty good, especially with the new talent revamps. You will hear complaints about both but I think both work well for new players.

Be more specific if you want more advice :0.

I personally wouldn’t recommend a warlock at first. It can be a bit difficult to juggle pets, dots, nukes, charms, fears and the like. For the easiest route, there’s the hunter or the mage. With the hunter, you basically have a pet tanking for you when you’re running around solo. The mage, meanwhile, does so much damage that he doesn’t need a pet. Runs out of mana quickly, but he can conjure more for free. The mage can eventually teleport to multiple capital cities, and even open portals for others. With either class, you should be able to find a rhythm pretty quickly.

If there’s any class I would personally avoid, it would be the paladin, as Blizzard can’t seem to decide if they are healers or tanks. The pally’s versatility in a 5-man group is very handy, but not so much in a raid.

I could go on for pages. But that’s the gist.

It takes 10-15 days of /played time to hit level 60. That’s plenty of time to learn the intricacies of playing any class you care to try.

Sure, but it takes about 20 levels before any of them really start to become fun. If a newb chooses a warrior or druid, for example, they might never cross that threshold to begin with. There’s a lot of “what’s the big deal” with the first few hours of play.

This is true of a lot of classes, though. Off the top of my head the mage and rogue are about it in terms of getting the main gist of what the class is before, say, level 10. And none of the classes really blossom until early to mid 20s at least.

I have 2 60 hunters, a 60 priest, a 60 shaman and a 40 priest and a burning crusade level 40 paladin.

Out of those classes, I actually enjoyed leveling priest the most. It can be a little rough up until level 20, but once you get there, it’s smooth sailing as long as you play shadow. I had much less downtime as a priest compared to any of the other classes I’ve played.

Hunters are fun and all, but they’re pretty repetitive, and at this point I can probably play one with my eyes closed. Maybe I played them too much, I realised the other night have about 60+ /played days spread out between my 2 hunters. :(

I will agree, most classes really start to become fun at level 20, at least in my experience.

For a solo player, I’ll agree that Rogue is the most fun. I always found hunter gameplay to be mind numbingly boring. Probably because they are so overpowered compared to the other classes. Same goes for Warlocks. So if you want an easy time roll a Hunter or Warlock. But that’s a deceptive statement because, honestly, every class in WoW is easy. WoW is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a game that requires even a modicum of skill or intellect: as evidenced by the vast number of drooling idiots running around as level 60’s.

The most satisfying times I’ve enjoyed in WoW have been tanking 5-man instances with my warrior and my paladin, neither of which I got out of their 40’s. My rogue is the only character I got to 60. The game is incredibly fun and addicting 1-60, but don’t rush it because the post 60 game is profoundly unfun.

“Post 60”, as of 1 month from now, will include Burning Crusade - which I’m anticipating will be a barrel of crazy ethermonkeys level fun. Also, the new honour mechanics are, if not the total awesome, at least 100x better than before. And there’s an assload of 60 content you can do even before you hit the raids - I’ve had a sixty for six months and still haven’t been in Strat, Scholo, DM, UBRS or any of the raid instances.

Don’t lay the jaded 60’s thing on the dewy-eyed noobster, it’s really not that bad.

Edit: My recomm is also a rogue - the stealthing is unbeatable, especially if you’re on a pvp server, but even on a pve it’s handy for tough quests. If you’re soloing, get improved gouge & stunwatch and get used to the ‘gouge, wait, then stab-em-in-the-ass’ trick. It never gets old.

Thanks for all the feedback, folks. I was thinking of a human pally just because paladins always appeal to me. Feel free to warn me if paladins suck, though. And I’ve got a few cousins playing on Zul’jin that lead a guild, so end-game recruitment shouldn’t be a problem if I stick around on that server.

Paladins level slowly, but rarely die. It’s a good choice for starting out (relatively straightforward mechanics, the ability to heal yourself,) but they can be kind of a drag. I never got mine to 60.

Paladins suck.

  1. I think that, of all the classes, they take the longest to kill anything (apart from that magical 20-26 range if you’re smart enough to pick up Verigan’s Fist as soon as you can and 1-2 shot just about everything you fight if you use your Seals and Judgements properly).

  2. 90% of the Paladins in the game are absolute idiots who don’t know how to Seal/Judge and never heal in parties. So even though you’re playing the character type with the most to offer parties, you won’t ever be "in demand’ for instances because most lower level groups don’t even know what a well-played paladin can offer since there are so few well-played paladins.

I strongly recommend playing a paladin if you will have a partner to play with. They are so much fun in a duo (or larger party). If you’ll be soloing, you’ll find the 30’s and 40’s incredibly tedious.

Regarding my comments about post-60 life sucking, yeah I forgot about the Expansion. That actually has piqued my interest. Not enough to buy BC and resub, but enough to be participating in a WoW thread!

Heh, just tried logging in on several different servers and got hit with a waiting queue of 170+. That’s fucking crazy at this point in time to still be getting “oh, sorry, server is full.” My interest in WoW just took a huge dive.

This is a very sane response. However, if you’re still determined, pick a “new” server.

Hunter or warlock will do you fine, solo-wise. Once you get into your 20s or 30s, look for a guild and start asking them pointed questions about raiding. You can’t go wrong starting with one of those 2 classes though.

I’ll bite. I, too, am a WoW neub but have stuck with my warrior character (currently level 19ish) and get him up and rolling before letting the alt-itis creep in.

I know about alt-itis because I played City of Heroes for a few months. And I figured I know melee because I played a non-casting swordsman in Asheron’s Call up to about level 99.

So while I am open to finding my own optimal warrior path and not looking for template of the month per se, what are some classic warrior blunders to avoid?

It’s a permanent feature. Basically rather than letting too many people online degrade performance, they hard queue it. Apparently handling lots of people on a single server is impossible to scale. :/