WoW newb needs advice

Putting any points at all into the Protection tree.

Not levelling your first aid skill.

One of the big points that hunters have against them is that because there are so many of them, it can be hard to get a group for an instance unless you have friends.

Also keep in mind that this should drop eventually. You’re seeing an increase in active players because of the new patch. However, with BC coming out in January, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the queues continue for 3+ months on some servers.

In regard to locks, it’s one of my two 60s. It’s by far my favorite class to play. Lot’s of interesting abilities, great talents, and their end game class gear generally looks pretty sharp (at least more consistently than most other classes). However, I do find a lot of people play the class and don’t get into it. I don’t know what they are smoking though. =P

Yes. I would also add Cooking. Food isn’t expensive, but it’s a cost you can do without. And cooked items have some decent bonuses.

I also recommend using a 2-handed weapon and following the Arms tree (while keeping a sword and board for instances). You definitely do not want to grind with a sword and shield. That’s almost as bad as leveling a paladin. Get a 2h, preferably a blue one. I recommend checking for blue quest rewards as you level up, because blues at the auction house tend to be obscenely priced, on account of loot farmers.

Fury is more fun though.

If you mean dual wielding, I agree to a certain extent. In my experience, you need some pretty nice gear to make Bloodthirst equal to or more effective than Mortal Strike. Plus those 2h Cleaves and Whirlwinds with Impale crits are sweet.

Try a lower population server?

Pick Moonrunner and play a rogue.

Seriously though I’d pick moonrunner if only because there are at least a few of us there.

Also I’ll hook you up with stuff!

Eh, play as whatever you want to. I’ve class-hopped more times than I’d like to count. I started with the most cliched class possible - Night Elf Rogue - and got bored of that before I hit 20. Swapped to Mage, Priest, Shaman, and I’ve eventually settled on a Human Warlock, which is about level 50.

I should get back into this. I want to hit 60 before Burning Crusade. WoW never really had me “addicted”, but then no MMO’s ever quite managed that.


  1. I think that, of all the classes, they take the longest to kill anything

I am leveling a ret specced pally and he kills stuff plenty fast. I think you need to keep him geared with a nice blue weapon, which is obviously harder if you are a true beginner rather than somebody with higher level characters and more resources etc.

edit: the first 20 levels were pretty tedious though. It gets better when you have more talent points.

I’ve found Arms with a big 2 hander, and dual-wield fury, to both be perfectly viable PVE builds. Warrior is my favorite class but it’s a lot more fun when you keep him geared with good (preferably blue) weapons all along the way. I’ve found some blues at the AH to be reasonably priced as long as they aren’t in certain twink brackets etc. Others like the Butcher always seem to go for a lot.

I actually leveled my first warrior with a prot spec and a 1h/shield combo most of the way to 60. I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Long, long ago Paladins were really good at leveling. Then they nurfed Seal of the Crusader.

What level is he? Even ret spec, I think the killing pace REALLY slows down in the mid 30’s. With a blue weapon. With a firey enchant.

36, with a blue weapon (Viscous hammer, which is actually getting a little rusty for the level) and a fiery enchant. I find that Seal of Command procs enough, and I have enough crit %, that I do fine, and every now and then I get a crazy burst of damage. I’m not saying it’s the fastest class for killing things, but I haven’t noticed any problem in a while. It’s not like I switch to my lock or Arms warrior (also with a blue weapon) and suddenly think “wow this is so much better!”

Yeah, but getting into the 20s with a Hunter can’t be wrong. Like I said, after that any guild he’ll get into will steer him into a more raid-friendly class.

By then, he’ll probably know if he wants to take it that far. I quit at Hunter 41, meself.

My buddy’s first char is a pally - he’s levelled to 48, most of the way solo and loves it - but it’s very much a personal preference thing, as people have noted. The last 10 levels he swapped to proudmoore and we’ve been ‘pwning shit hardcore’ to quote the kids. A duo of a prot spec warrior and a holy pallie fear only rust. And I’m pretty fond of the prot tree, i dole out revenge stuns like poisoned candy.

As to the warrior - two things. First, if you head into a dungeon with a group people will probably expect you to know how to tank, which isn’t rocket science but isn’t self evident either. Either learn, or make it clear that you’re a newb to avoid bad feeling. The other point is to work hard on getting good gear - warriors are the most gear dependent of any class, so do what you have to at least keep yourself in even level greens and you’ll kick ass.

Edit: Beaten by Gordon - but it bears repeating. A good trick is to look on thottbot for green quest reward weapons of your level - for instance the main quest reward in wailing caverns is an excellent (for the level) one hander.

Good point, Gordon. My problem may have been leaving my 44 ret. paladin stranded on Frostwolf, levelling a rogue to 60 on another server, and then levelling a paladin to about 34… compared to how quickly rogues kill stuff, just about everything else probably seems slow.

Of course, there’s the proc issue too… with a Ret. Paladin, when the procs are good, they’re very good and stuff goes down nicely. When the procs are bad, it feels like it’s time to get up, brew a cup of tea, wait for the tea to cool, drink the tea, read a magazine, use the bathroom after the tea has passed through your system, and return to the computer just in time to see that damned trogg finally die to your autoattack.

Well, I didn’t say DW Fury wasn’t viable :) But before the rage normalization, at least, I needed approximately 875 AP to match MS’s weapon-based damage. And unless I’m a twink, that’s not going to happen until after I hit 60. So I chose a big honking sword or axe. Circumstances differ in group PvP. The primary DW advantage for me was being able to put Crusader on one weap and an AGI enchant on the other. 2h makes it much easier to catch runners, both in PvE and PvP.

Either way, though, I found the warrior to be the most frustrating class to play. No one else is so easily rooted or snared. Sometimes I’d be willing to lose Charge and Intercept, just for the ability to not stand still and get nuked/backstabbed. My current toon is a warlock, and he’s neat.

Edit: On the other hand, the Burning Crusade weapon selection is so powerful that you could easily reach 875 by level 60 – but you can’t really access the content until you’re like 57.

Ahhh math! I’ll take your word for it.

Sometimes I’d be willing to lose Charge and Intercept,

See to me, Charge is the greatest spell in the game and half the reason to play a warrior.

The early discovery of the world, plus the addictive Diablo-style gameplay was absolutely instrumental in me getting hooked.

I remember feeling pretty meh at the very very beginning of rolling my first toons in WoW, but before long I was getting into it. By level 6 or so you start getting enough spells to make it interesting, and the way the larger world unfolds is great. The first time I saw Ironforge off in the distance of Dun Morogh while playing my little gnome lock was a revelation. I still enjoy replaying Elwynn Forest just for the heck of it. And just now I was playing my noobie troll mage and getting back into the old Barrens vibe.

much more fun, much easier with higher level mobs and adds (whereas the warrior was frustrating doing this)

Lack of options dealing with adds is one of the tougher aspects of playing a warrior, except once per half hour. (Retaliation renders certain fights trivial that would be very difficult to solo otherwise.) Warrior CC (intimidating shout) is tricky because it involves fearing multiple mobs, and they could bring buddies back with them; plus of course it’s a one shot deal, not renewable like sheep or 'lock fear etc. (For all practical purposes anyway, given the long cooldown.) Still, if you keep a supply of healing potions and keep yourself geared with a good weapon, you can sometimes just brute-force your way through tough solo pulls.