WoW newb needs advice

If you only intend to solo or you intend to join a guild with people you know(or do PvP down the line) then hunters are fun, but you’ll almost never get let into a Pick Up Group to do instances. I’ve lost count of the number of LFGM calls that end NO HUNTERZ!!11! but then the running joke is that we’re played by 12 year olds who roll on your loot anyway (not entirely without merit). And a badly played hunter can wipe your group in so many interesting ways. Up to level 60 I’ve had a blast with the Hunter. In the end game I’m only there because frankly, I do stupid amounts of DPS and dont need much healing rather than for any specific hunter related skill. “Rar, rougues SAP, Mages Sheep, druids fill the gaps in any number of ways, Warrirors tank etc Hunters? Stay out the way, do some DPS and don’t need any healing kthxbye?”

If you like the look of a Pally, I’d say give the pally a go for a few levels, you can get to level 10, which is where the fun starts, in a couple of hours and by then you’ll know for sure whether it’s worth playing on to 20, to 30 etc. If you get the skills at level 10 and you’re still not enjoying the class, then change it before you waste any more time. I’ve ground my mage to level 15 and I still loathe playing it. Personally I’m one of the saddos that plays nothing but Night Elfs because of what little RP comes packaged with WoW, it’s the Elfs that appeal to me. That and aesthetically they’re the least annoying and they get to be druids, which just rock as a class. Hunters are fun but I love the hybrid nature of the druids. 3rd tank, 3rd melee DPS, 3rd healer often all at the same time at lowever levels at least.

Well, I didn’t say DW Fury wasn’t viable :) But before the rage normalization, at least, I needed approximately 875 AP to match MS’s weapon-based damage.

There’s more to it than just “Is Bloodthirst doing the same amount of damage as Mortal Strike”, though.

The most important thing I can tell you is to log on at 8pm and look at all the servers. Pick a server that is New or Low for population. Don’t take a chance on medium either.

The next thing Id do is try to find one of these low-pop servers in your time zone. If you go with one that is not in your time zone, you might have trouble finding a raid guild that will fit your time schedule.

On Pallys:
Ignore these people about how slow the are to level. Your level speed is mostly due to how familiar you are with the game, not your class. Your first character will be the slowest to level regardless of class. Your second will be the 2nd slowest.

Pallys can kill quickly and are very survivable. Once BC comes out, you are going to see the pally population skyrocket. In fact right now, there are lots of new pallys out there. Over the last week I have gotten no less then 6 offers to buy my character which is absurd. Never have I ever gotten one such offer till last week, maybe the farmers have discovered that WoW pallys will make a good profit on Ebay or something.

If you are going to level a pally, I would strongly suggest a ret build although at level 64 protection will outshine ret, but at that point your almost done anyway.

When I leveled my pally, he was character number 4, I had almost zero down time. Yes, I didn’t kill as fast as a rogue or a mage, but I never stopped. I didn’t need crowd control because taking on 2 or 3 mobs at once was no big deal.

If you want a melee class with a lot of utility, then the pally is for you. He took 8 days / played to get to level 60. He was my third character to get to level 60.

My first character was a mage. He took 20 days / played. He is level 60 now, but I find them so dull to play. They are totally a one dimensional class. In the end game they are in big demand because not a lot of people play mages, however so are warlocks because they are even rarer.

My third character, 2nd to level 60 though. Lots of fun, lots of utility. Warlocks are hard to play well but easy to play ‘meh’. I contend that a well played warlock is the most powerful class in the game. The warlocks are clear winners in the BC with thier new talents, each tree is a big win. If you are going for a soft dps caster, Id reccomend this over a mage any day of the week. Warlocks are in very high demand in the end game for both PvE and PvP.

My 2nd character, I stopped playing him at level 45. I can see the attraction of these guys. Stalking players is a lot of fun, but overall combat tended to be dull and the rogue seemed to be the melee equivilent of a mage. They have a few more tricks, but not many more. If you want to gank people, this is a very good choice. On the bad side though, rogues are a dime a dozen and you will often find raids saying they have enough rogues (and hunters).

My 5th character, also around level 45. Fun and good for soloing. The only reason I do not play a hunter is becuase I got a level 60 lock and I just prefer locks over hunters. If you do not like cloth casters then I would go with a hunter for sure. In the end game they are a dime a dozen and raid spots fill up fast.

My 6th character. I found them imensly dull. I hate being a heal-bot. I only got to level 14 and that was forced labor. Some people love them, but I can’t stomach them.

My 7th character, only level 20 or so. The feral tree was the only tree of interest to me here. If I wanted to heal Id play a priest. If I wanted ranged magic damage Id play a mage or warlock. The biggest thing about a druid is the flexability. You can be great melee dps, melee tank, healer, or nuker. Really if you have zero idea of what you want to do, this is a really good choice since they can do it all, just not as well as other classes doing thier own ‘thing’. In the end game druids are desired, but somewhat pigeon holed into healers (like pallys), although with the new talents this may change. I stopped playing my druid becuase everyone was saying at level 60 all you would do is just heal.

Number 8, only 10 levels here. Can’t say much other then why play a warrior when you can play a pally?

You people and your mage hate =(

Although, to be fair, raiding (current endgame 40-mans, anyway) is like pulling teeth with the Mage. Frostbolt ad nauseum, or Fireball, or Scorch, or whatever you’re specced for. All the fun parts of the Mage class are completely ignored in the raid game, sadly.

Soloing, 5-mans, and pvp are all very fun with the mage, though. If you can’t get a chuckle at busting a 3k crit all over some noobelf’s face, you’re dead inside.

All the fun parts of every class are ignored in the raid game. As a Warlock, for example, all you’ll do is spam shadowbolt all day, and maybe crowd control in some situations.

Yeah. Which is why it’s a good idea to impose some raiding limits and enjoy the rest of the game as well.

Or just stop raiding before you’re so burnt out you can’t enjoy the game any more ;)

True, but (until the expansion) these two talents are the chief goals of exploring each tree, unless you’re a Prot hybrid. The warrior benefits greatly from instant attacks that don’t affect the swing timer. If you have enough rage built up, Mortal Strike is often a better choice than Execute, as it leaves you with some rage left over. And Bloodthirst can be used while disarmed, since it’s based on your attack power and has nothing to do with your equipped weapon.

I disagree. I always thought Warlocks were boring as fuck to play, Mages are much more fun. Both require skill to be effective and I wouldn’t recommend either to a first time player. Warlocks get a couple cool abilities, a free mount at 40, and a cool pets about every 10 levels. Mages can have the highest burst DPS in the game if spec’d right, can teleport to any of the major cities when they hit higher levels (never use the zep/ship again!), can create their own food/water, and are just a blast to play.

Ultimately, just like anything else, it’s all about personal preference. I’d take a Mage over a Warlock any day, to play or group with, but that’s just me. I’d say the best thing to do is start a few characters and play them at least to 6-10 range before you decide on trying to stick with one. It only takes a few hours and you’ll know what playing style is right for you.


Its a chore until lvl 14 or so but thankfully its not that hard for any character to get to 14 especially if you are playing with another or have friends to help. At 14, with 5 points in spirit tap you no longer have to drink after every fight. Then get a good wand, put five points into wand damage, then everything else back into shadow till lvl 40. Then respec full shadow for shadowform. I’ve never leveled my priests past 29 but folks are not exaggerating when they say how strong shadow priests are. At 45 my rogue could not keep up with a priest in shadowform damage wise. Although, by the late 30s to mid 40s, all caster classes hit the zone of being able to kill stuff very fast.

Number 8, only 10 levels here. Can’t say much other then why play a warrior when you can play a pally?

Charge, sweeping strikes, retaliation, recklessness, zerk rage, mortal strike, cleave, whirlwind, intercept, intimidating shout, to name a few. A well geared warrior can put out a lot of hurt (AoE hurt) in a short amount of time. I find it more fun than a pally, though I’m warming to the pally more lately. It’s nice to be able to heal yourself after battles, but that’s what bandages and food are for.

Oh yeah, another reason is when I play a warrior in groups I don’t have to fuss with annoying individual group-member buffs of short duration. Just tap Battle Shout every few minutes and I’m good to go.

Edit: one other reason why to play a warrior and not a pally: There are no tauren paladins.

To open a can of worms:

There should be Tauren Paladins, and the Tauren should be on the alliance side (philosophically) if it was not for their debt to Thrall.

Similarly there is no way the Blood Elves should have been on the horde side for many reasons. At best they should have been neutral, at worst they would be an Alliance race. There is no way Thrall could stomach blood elves, and there is no way blood elves could tolerate the Forsaken or the trolls.

However, Blizzard’s lore is total bullshit so none of it if really matters or has to make sense anyway.

Tauren are definitely “good guys,” but so are Orcs as far as I can tell. Thrall and his cause seem righteous enough. I’d take either over gnomes, who strike me as amoral “mad scientist” types. Did Mekkatorque really have to nuke his entire city to deal with the trogg threat?

Taurens associating with Forsaken is tough to buy lorewise. I justify it to myself as a very reluctant alliance of convenience – a case of strange bedfellows. (Sorta like how we were all lovey-dovey with Papa Joe during WW2.)

If you’ve played WC3 you’d know that Tauren siding with Horde makes complete sense, also Thrall’s Horde is not evil in anyway. The Forsaken is tough to swallow as being a Horde race, infact it’s difficult to justify them being either Alliance or Horde. The Dranei are just stupid, they should be the original and they should be Horde side as Blood Elves should be Alliance.

One of the things I do really like about WoW’s lore is that the two sides aren’t “evil” and “good”, even if people keep trying to force them into those buckets. The EQ approach of Lawful Good vs. Bioware-esque Stupid Evil bores me.

John -

Don’t worry too much about the server queue. The estimated time it tells you is often totally wrong, and it doesn’t take that long to get in. It’s been busy because of the new patch and everyone staying on to do PvP a lot. I didn’t often see queues before that.

Second, roll a character on Moonrunner. Whether Horde or Alliance, that’s where the QT3 guilds are.

Third, don’t worry too much about advice or solo-able classes. After playing EQ2, you’ll find every class VERY easy to solo, and none of them are that complicated. The gameplay mechanics are introduced to you as you level, in nice little tooltips and tutorial text. Read those - don’t skip them - and you’ll “get” the whole game in no time.

Re: Lore

In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, has all of your Burning Crusade lore questions answered for you.

Yeah we’d be happy to have you join us on Moonrunner where we can shower you with crafted goodies and bags and whatnot. I have to advocate going Horde, but Alliance is busier at the moment. It’s worth rolling characters on both factions to get the full WoW experience anyway. If you do roll on Moonrunner do a “/who drop bears” or “/who bear drops” command (depending alliance or horde) and whisper someone for a guild invite.