WoW: OFFICIAL! New Alliance race = Wisps

Then again, it is almost April 1…


I lol’d at the shot of the wisp with a beard and moustache.

Actually for a second I did think it was real and think “Oh god, not MORE elfiness”. Then I saw “Permanent death” and knew it was fake. Whew.

I was actually ready to believe it until I read this:

Treeform: Turns the wisp into a tree for 30 seconds. During this time, spirit is increased by 300. However, the wisp’s chance to dodge or parry axes is reduced by 50%.

That’s just fucking beautiful.

The, uh, permanent death trait wasn’t a clue then?

I would play a race with permadeath. Something like what SWG Jedi were originally advertised as…

I scanned it and read the treeform thing first.

My favorite part is the screenshot where all the wisp has in his action bar is a hearthstone and the perma-death detonate skill.

Yeah, that made me laugh too.

HAHAHA - I just went back to look at that screen and reread the “release spirit” prompt. =D

Now they’re just taunting people.

Haha, the Treeform thing is brilliant.

The most awesome thing about this is some of the posts on the official forums.

That forum post must be a joke.

Please let it be a joke…

EDIT: seems that NuclearWinter removed the quotation I was referring to. :p

Of course it’s a joke…it’s incredibly blatant about it.

Well I’ve given up the idea of copying forum posts because some of the more outraged ones have got to be sarcasm… It would be too scary to think otherwise.

I mean seriously:

Um, Devs?


Looking at the page on Wisps, I’ve come to the conclusion that BE > Wisps.

What the eff is the wisp gonna CARRY?! It doesn’t have a HANDS!(or a body for that matter) Is it gonna wear a full suit of … what… Brightlight Colors as their tier suits? To me, it looks like a FACE that you can customize, andddddddd… thats about it. So correct me if I’m wrong, but that = retarded.

Next… Detonate, draining… 50… mana from each unit around it. Okay, so you’re going to kill yourself, but take… 50… five zero, mana from all nearby foes. This means, that a Priest with a 6k mana pool is gonna /lol it, and then proceed to pwn face some more.

And what is this PERMANENT death talk?! Reroll character?! Rof. Is this a JOKE?

Treeform is KINDA cool I guess. 300% spirit is pretty great for blowin out your mana pool I suppose. Even so, no armor raise, with a lower parry/dodge = hackhackdeath in pwn point 5 seconds.

I’m certainly gonna be scared of a Wisp Warrior barrelin at me at a mile to nothin… attempting to hack my head off… aren’t you?

I can’t tell which of these posts are jokes and which aren’t, which is a pretty sad statement about the WoW forums.

Have you seen the 1.11 patch notes?

“Night Elves will now lose a small percentage of experience after jumping.”


“Many new Sons’ of Arugal have been added to Silverpine Forrest. Occasionally Arugal himself wanders the zone.”

Also HA!
“Fixed bug which allowed Rogues to wield two weapons at the same time.”