WoW: Opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj

I’m not sure if anyone here has already seen this, but it’s currently circulating on several raid forums and appears to be fact.

After a short series of initial quests, players will get a quest from an NPC in either Orgrimaar or Ironforge. The NPC tells them that opening the AQ gates is a realm-wide task of accumulated turn-ins across both factions. The NPCs will also tell you how many more of each item still must be turned in whenever you check in with them.

Full List of turn-in requirements for both factions:

90,000 Copper Bars <- BOTH SIDES
22,000 Tin Bars <- HORDE ONLY
28,000 Iron Bars <- ALLIANCE ONLY
18,000 Mithril Bars <- HORDE ONLY
24,000 Thorium Bars <- ALLIANCE ONLY

96,000 Peacebloom <- HORDE ONLY
19,000 Firebloom <- HORDE ONLY
26,000 Purple Lotus <- BOTH SIDES
20,000 Arthas Tears <- ALLIANCE ONLY
33.000 Stranglekelp <- ALLIANCE ONLY

180,000 Light Leather <- ALLIANCE ONLY
110,000 Medium Leather <- ALLIANCE ONLY
60,000 Heavy Leather <- HORDE ONLY
80,000 Thick Leather <- BOTH SIDES
60,000 Rugged Leather <- HORDE ONLY

10,000 Lean Wolf Steaks <- HORDE ONLY
20,000 Roast Raptor <- ALLIANCE ONLY
14,000 Rainbow Fin Albacore <- ALLIANCE ONLY
17,000 Spotted Yellowtail <- BOTH SIDES
10,000 Baked Salmon <- HORDE ONLY

800,000 Linen Bandages <- ALLIANCE ONLY
600,000 Silk Bandages <- ALLIANCE ONLY
250,000 Wool Bandages <-- HORDE ONLY
250,000 Mageweave Bandages <- HORDE ONLY
400,000 Runecloth Bandages <- BOTH SIDES

Each turn-in gets rep with every race of your faction; each turn-in of 10 or more gets extra rep.

When done the Scepter quest is activated. I believe this is the quest that finally opens the gates.

Welcome to hell.

Or heaven if you’ve started over on an established server and are looking to make some money in the AH.

Heh, yeah. This wreaks havok with the economy of basic goods though.

My guildies and I have all started playing AV to hit exaulted, and are making great progress so far. So I’ve been advising them all to build Shredders, as they’re cool and help win games (faster). Unfortuantely, this patch hits and the mats can no longer be found in AH, and if they can, they’re at outrageous prices.

At least I already had my Shredder. =P

Would the addicts be upset if I expressed my schadenfreude here? Yes? Ok, carry on.

I am slow. Is the idea that high-level players will buy up materials in order to get the faction reward, thus driving up the prices of materials? Or is it that they will buy them up in order to open the gates faster? Or is it that gatherers will themselves burn the materials for faction/faster gate opening? Or all three?

In any case, why is it bad if materials are suddenly more valuable? Is it because lower-level craftsmen now have a harder time acquiring materials? Or because crafted goods suddenly become more expensive (does anyone use crafted goods except the craftsmen themselves)? And isn’t that stuff offset by the fact that gatherers suddenly make more money? I guess it’s bad if you’re a crafstman and good if you’re a gatherer.

Methinks Blizzard is just trying to remove some raw materials from the economy for awhile. Once the gates are open, they stay open, right? At least for awhile?

If Blizzard sees that players have bank accounts full of raw materials and they’re devalued on the AH, and players can just easily give tons of raw materials to guildies for them to skill up really quick, just “presto” have a world event that closes the gates again and soak up a bunch of the excess materials.

Everyone who plays MMOs just LOVES a naked money sink.

For once, I’m glad my sleepcycles are fucked. I’ll be skinning or mining till
my fingers bleed when the European servers open.

Is it overly sad that I’m in Vegas and regretting that I can’t log on to play WoW?

Pretty lame if you ask me.

Way too many mats. Way too many low level mats. Too many obscure mats. The Horde cooking ones are just…what the fuck.

Not scaled at all based on server population, or faction balance.


Since you were talking about going to the Green Door, yeah, kinda :P

Some of you actually care about this?

I wonder what will happen to the realm population of the first few realms to open the gates? It seems to me that anyone rolling a new alt would likely want to play in a realm where the gates were already open, so that they don’t have to be involved in trying to cook 41,000 fish.

I guess some of the five million people who play WoW do, yeah. Weird.

Well, you don’t have to be involved if you don’t want to. And no matter what server you roll on, the gates are going to be open by the time you hit 60 and are sufficiently geared to enter the instance. So it makes no difference.

I play too.

The point is that I couldn’t care less about this giant grind.

It’s probably the most retared thing ever, design-side. I don’t see how someone who isn’t completely ill could be interested in this sort of thing.

Can’t wait to see when everyone realizes that they can simply sit back and let others do the work. Classic tragedy of the commons situation. It’ll be fun to guess when, exactly, the turn-ins will slow down to a trickle.

I think you overestimate the humanity.

An average server has a population of around 10,000 players, so it’s really only a couple of hundred items per person. People will also be interested in it because the items you get from turning in the raw materials are currently worth more than the raw materials themselves.

Pretty good rep at the faction of your choice, too.